Do you want to create a wonderful and fresh makeup but you just ran out of ideas? Here are some tips from Pat McGrath, a famous makeup artist.

Pat McGrath Makeup Tips

Pat used 10 coats of mascara for the Louis Vuitton show. If you decide to use false eyelashes, first you should apply a lot of mascara on your real lashes and then add the false eyelashes. This way, you will avoid looking patchy.

If you want to simply add extra dimension to your face, then McGrath suggests using two different shades of blush. You can either blend two similar shades, or layer a lighter shade over a darker one, the choice is yours.

Add a pop of color to your makeup! You can use shades of purple, blue or even green, but if you really love red, use a lipstick in a vibrant shade.

Fall Winter 2013 Prada Makeup By Pat Mc GrathFall Winter 2013 Dolce   Gabbana Makeup By Pat Mc Grath

If you want to have super shiny lips, Pat suggests using a stain first, then add lipstick and finish the look with some gloss.

Do you want to get a natural lash look? There’s nothing simpler, says McGrath. Just apply black mascara on the roots and a brown one on the tips. This way, you will beautifully frame your eyes and they will look more expressive.

Spring Summer 2014 Dolce   Gabbana Makeup By Pat Mc Grath

Also, she recommends a professional brow shaping. She admits that brows are the first thing she wants to take care of when it comes to runway models. If you want to get beautiful brows, just use a very sharp pencil. Then, finish with some brow powder. Pat suggests using a brown shade because it is more natural than a black one. In order to finish the look, just brush your brows.

Pat McGrath Favorite Products

The first step in creating a great makeup is hydration, she admits. One great Pat McGrath makeup trick when it comes to dry skin is using Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($6) before primer and foundation.

Of course, every makeup artist has some favorite products that he/she loves to use, both personally and work. So, here are Pat’s choices!

Pat Mc Grath Favorite Makeup Products

When asked what she would choose between a foundation or a tinted moisturizer, McGrath spoke her mind. She opts for high-end foundation (liquid formulas) because it does not look heavy on the face and allows the skin to breathe. Her designer choice: Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation ($59). It’s very light and easy to apply, either with a brush or your fingers.

Moreover, when it comes to eye makeup, one of Pat McGrath’s makeup techniques is curling the eyelashes before applying mascara. She always uses The Shu Uemura eyelash curler ($20).

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