This season, makeup trends have the main purpose of exuding femininity and naturalness. Whether we are talking about smokey eyes, bold red lips, or nude, makeup should reflect one’s personality and lifestyle, yet hide flaws and emphasize qualities. Even if it might seem easy to make, getting a flawless nude look can become a real challenge. In order to obtain the perfect result you must pay a lot of attention to many details that can totally make the difference. However, nude makeup will seem the easiest trend with these next simple tips. On the catwalks, nude makeup could be spotted at Balmain, Stella McCartney, Burberry Prorsum, Marc Jacobs, Nina Ricci, Fendi, and Rag&Bone.

It is more than obvious that if you want to get the flawless nude look, your skin should be adequately taken care of. This rule is applied not only when it comes to nude makeup, but for every makeup you choose. It is one of the essential steps in all the makeup process and it consists in using a moisturizing cream appropriate for your skin type. If you want the cream to be better absorbed, try to apply it on damp skin. Then, wait for about 10 minutes before starting the makeup process.

Well, “less is more” is totally true when it comes to foundation. Remember that the foundation you use has to make your skin complexion look even and not to cover it completely. If you apply it in a thick layer all on the entire face, you might end looking rather ridiculous, just like you were wearing a mask. Therefore, it is enough if you apply foundation on the T-zone and lighter on the sides and, of course, on the neck. If you have an oily skin, choose a foundation one shade lighter than the color of your skin, as due to the fact that the sebum comes in contact with the foundation its color might become darker. This way, you’ll only make your problems become even more visible.

Use a concealer in order to hide dark circles under the eyes. The concealer is considered as a part of the foundation and therefore it should be with maximum one shade lighter than the skin. When applying it, you need to make sure that you don’t draw the attention on the flaw you want to hide. You can use concealer before or after the foundation. Start by applying a small amount of concealer on the finger and gently blend the concealer in. Make sure you choose the right concealer color and try the shade on the wrist.

As for the powder, this is that special product that offers a matte and flawless appearance to your skin, and it sets the whole makeup. However, remember to apply it in a light, even, thin layer in order to avoid a rather unaesthetic look.

A blush can totally change your facial features. Therefore, it is very important to pay a lot of attention when using it on your cheekbones. If you want a fresh-looking face, smile and apply blush in a circular motion on rounded cheeks going up towards the temples. Complete the aspect of your cheekbones using a bronzing tone applied at the base of the cheek.

A “no makeup” look requires a natural eyeshadow in tones of pink with slight shades of brown, light peaches, and even light blue or gray can look natural on certain types of skin. In order to avoid that the eyeshadow to settle into the creases, you can use a special product for fixing.

Black can be considered as being too much for a nude makeup. Therefore, a brown mascara is the best choice. For the lower lashes you can use a transparent mascara in order to elongate the eyelashes. When applying mascara, be careful not to use it in excess and try to apply it more on the ends and not on the base.

For a perfect, flawless look and smooth lips, exfoliating is a must. For a nude, fresh and light makeup, lipstick is not necessary and a lip balm would work great too. However, if you want to use a lipstick, go for sandy shades that can offer luminosity and complete the look in an amazing natural way. You can also choose a lip gloss especially if you want to make your lips look fuller.