The 2009 Fall/Winter makeup trends are very hot. They are meant to match the seasons colors and the latest fashion trends. It seems that all the time make-up is inspired by nature, when it’s summer and it’s hot outside, everything seems to come to life and so does makeup.

The colors used are usually vivid and warm, but when the warm seasons are over and the colder seasons take their place everything seems to tone down. No more bright vivid colors, it’s all about colder tones, earth-tones inspired.

It is actually something that comes very naturally because you just can’t associate something bright, warm and vivid with a cold seasons. The cold season brought darker colors to the runways. Fashion designers have created incredible looking outfits, outfits that only look good with a certain type of makeup.

The 2009 fall makeup trends are meant to match and upgrade the entire look of a person. It is meant to define either the lips or the eyes, not both at the same time.

The eye makeup tends to enter the dramatic zone because of the dark colors used for the makeup. We can observe a lot of black, dark green, plum and gold toned eye make-ups on the catwalk fashion presentations.

For the dramatic eye makeup look, heavy eyeliner is also a top choice. The eyeliner is topped with the eyeshadow, thus resulting the outstanding looking eye makeup.

If you wish to define and draw the attention towards your lips, you do have that choice. You can go for a simple eye makeup using only subtle eyeliner, and just go for enhancing the lips. The lips will be enhanced with intense colored lipstick. The most popular colors when it comes to lipstick will be red, pink and plum tones. These intense colors will attract attention towards the lips, making them look luscious and sensual.

The fall makeup trends are meant to look simple yet sophisticated. Remember to enhance either the eyes or the lips to avoid overdoing it. Keep everything simple because the beautiful intense dark colors of the makeup will attract the desired attention and will help build your splendid new trendy look.