Finding the suitable colors that work well with your face is not always an easy task. Color trends are constantly changing in the makeup fashion and every season has its top colors. However, these colors are not suitable for every complexion and eye color. If you want to achieve dramatic effects and give your eyes more accent, you need to know certain guidelines. Makeup is all about small tricks to emphasize the natural beauty of women. A well-chosen eye shadow color will give you a deeper look and a sexy, feminine air.

When shopping for eye shadow, make sure you take into consideration the following factors: your skin tone, the color of your hair, the clothes you are going to wear and most importantly your eye color. Find out more about which are those colors that work perfectly with the color of your eyes and have fun creating so many different eye makeup styles that highlight your assets.

Brown Eyes

Women with brown eyes can consider themselves really lucky, since brown eyes generally look amazing with almost all eye shadow tones. However, there are some shades that might be even more advantageous to accentuate the wonderful shape and color of your brown eyes, such as: purple, soft pink, green, gold, copper, chocolate brown and beige. Applying light colors and neutral shades to your eyes will create and absolutely amazing look, since these colors brighten up your face and make your eyes pop. Another wonderful way to add a dramatic effect to your eyes is emphasizing them by using black or brown eyeliner. For a sexy, glamorous evening look, you can even go for a sassy cat eyes makeup that will definitely attract some glances.

Green Eyes

Wonderful green eyes can get even more accent if you apply pinky and peachy eye shadow hues. Go for apricot, burgundy, plum, purple, and gold, lavender, yellow or lime green shades. These eye shadow hues have the power to make your eyes look even greener and are perfect choices for a fresh summer look. If you want to give your eyes more definition, apply brown eyeliner and black volumizing mascara to create gorgeous dramatic eyes. In order to get a perfect makeup, accentuate your features by opting for lipsticks in darker, deeper hues.

Blue Eyes

Many women from all over the world desire to have dreamy, blue eyes. If you have blue eyes, you are lucky because this color creates a perfect harmony with a wide range of eye shadow colors such as: deep brown, orange, purple, violet, pink, silver, gold, caramel and blue. Usually warm tones and darker colors match perfectly with blue eyes as they give your eyes a nice contrast so that they can get more accent and look even more blue.

Eye shadows come in a wide range of colors and hues so that you can choose those that work best for your eyes, skin and hair color. For a glamorous, sensual evening eye makeup you can create stunning smokey eyes with any of the above shades that match your eye color. When it comes to eye makeup, black in general is a miraculous color, since it flatters green, blue or brown eyes as well. Black will give your eyes a deep, dramatic, glamorous look, which is perfect for any evening occasion.

In order to achieve a perfect eye makeup, make sure you choose the right colors and provide them a flawless base by using an eye shadow primer which is as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Eye shadow primer is a wonderful product that prevents your makeup from wearing off, guaranteeing a long-lasting, perfect makeup. Summer is here, so feel free to experiment with fresh, bright colors that enhance your eyes and get ready to shine like a diva.