Oval eyes are the most common type of eye shape and most makeup tutorials will help you get exquisite looks for them, but when your eyes are different, it’s very important to know what works best for you. Discover the best makeup tricks for different eye shapes and get the most flattering look your deserve.

Almond Eye Shapes

Celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Mila Kunis have the most desirable subset of oval eyes. An almond shaped eye is perfect for most makeup techniques, but if you want to widen your eyes, draw a line with eyeliner that’s thinner at the inner and outer corners and thicker in the middle of the lid. 

Olivia Wilde Almond Eye ShapeMila Kunis Almond Eye Shape

If you eyes are small, don’t use eyeliner on your lower lashes.

Round Eye Shapes

For a more round shaped eye, like Ashley Olsen or Penelope Cruz, you can easily create a more oval shape using a liquid eyeliner in a bright shade. 

Ashley Olsen Round Eye ShapePenelope Cruz Round Eye Shape

Start applying eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eyes. Stick to just half of the eyelid and blend upwards until you reach the brow bone. When you’re applying liner, you can also use a thicker line at the outer corners.

Monolid Eye Shapes

When the crease is not very noticeable, you’re dealing with monolid eyes, like Sandra Oh and Kelly Choi. The best way to give dimension to your eyes is to curl your lashes and go for an ombre effect when you apply eyeshadow. 

Sandra OhKelly Choi

Use darker colors at the lash line and go for lighter ones at the brow bone. Blend well with a neutral shade in the middle.

Hooded Eye Shapes

If your eyelid looks a bit droopy, either naturally or as an effect of aging, you need to extend the lid with another type of gradient effect. Use darker hues of eyeshadow over the crease and upwards toward the brow bone. 

Blake Lively Hooded Eye ShapeRobin Wright Hooded Eye Shape

If your eyelids are hooded like Blake Lively’s, you can also try shadows with a metallic finish. If the droopy eyelids are caused by aging, like for Robin Wright, stick to a matte finish.

Upturned Eye Shapes

Almond shaped eyes with a bit of lift at the outer corners can be very sexy with the right makeup, as exemplified by Angelina Jolie and Tiffany Hines. 

Tiffany Hines Upturned EyesAngelina Jolie Upturned Eyes

You can lower the outer corners of your eyes by using a darker hue of eyeshadow on the end of your lower eyelids. For a smoky eye effect, the most flattering look mirrors the upper eyelash on the lower one.

Downturned Eye Shapes

Celebrities like Eva Green and Katie Holmes can get the best cat eye makeup thanks to their downturned eyes. The secret to the most flattering look is to use a liquid eyeliner that’s extended upwards starting at the outer corners of your eyes. 

Katie Holmes Downturned Eye ShapeEva Green Downturned Eye Shape

Don’t go overboard if you want a sexy cat eye, a 45 degree angle works best.

Protruding Eye Shapes

When you’re looking for the most flattering makeup for protruding eyes, the smoky eye is the best look for you. Celebrities with protruding eyes like Nicole Richie and Susan Sarandon know how to blend darker tones above and below the eye to decrease the natural shape of the eye. 

Nicole Richie Protruding EyesSusan Sarandon Protruding Eyes

Another useful trick for this type of eye shapes is using eyeliner in thick lines on the top lash line.

Close Set Eye Shapes

Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker have close set eyes, but you wouldn’t know it because they use the best trick in the book. Try light eyeshadows at the inner corners of your eyes to create more distance. 

Jennifer Aniston Close Set EyesSarah Jessica Parker Close Set Eyes

The shimmery finish is the best look and it works wonders when you also skip the eyeliner on the inner half of your eyelids. A bit of extra mascara at the outer lashes also helps.

Deep Set Eye Shapes

The most flattering look for deep set eyes includes a warm metallic hue on the upper eyelid, for a more spacial effect. Use highlights under your brow bone in lighter shades to make your eyes pop, like Julianne Moore and Mindy Kaling do for a flattering look. 

Mindy Kaling Deep Set EyesJulianne Moore Deep Set Eyes

If you have long eyelashes that may touch your eyelids, stick to a waterproof mascara.

Wide Set Eye Shapes

When the distance between your eyes is wider than the width of one eyeball, you have wide set eyes, like Miranda Kerr or Jessica Alba. 

Jessica Alba Wide Set EyesMiranda Kerr Wide Set Eyes

For the best look, use a black eyeliner at the inner corners of your eyes, for both the lower and upper eyelids. When applying mascara, use the wand to orient your lashes towards your nose to reduce the distance.

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