To know exactly what’s best to emphasize your eye color with makeup can be a little tricky, so we prepared few hints to help you.

So, when it comes to choose the best eye makeup to emphasize your eye color, for what colors should you opt?

Brown eyes need lighter shades to add some light to the eyes. So try light neutral tones, beige, khaki-green, bronze, champagne, or a soft pink. If you are willing to take it into the wild side, maybe some funky colors will just do the trick: hot pink, lime-green, tangerine or an intense blue.

If you are blessed with amazing blue eyes, almost every color will create a huge impact on your looks, bringing out more what’s already there. You can try something that will create contrast with your eye color, like violet, purple, deep blue (or turquoise, fuchsia, more intense tones), or, when doing a smokey eyes makeup, use black, mixed with just a little bit of light blue.

Emphasize your green eyes with colors in the same greenish family, like deep khaki, or, some strong color, like bright purple, apricot, bronze or lime-green.

Intense colors are one of the summer makeup trends! Now that you have discovered the artistic part of matching your eye color with your eye makeup, have fun with it! There are so many combinations you can try to emphasize your eye color with makeup, and so many nuances to discover!