It is vital to make a good first impression at every event. Your makeup also guarantees success especially if you use only the most flattering shades and cosmetic formulas.

The newest beauty techniques allow you to improve your skills and steal the basic tricks from pro artists. Turn heads with your flawless complexion, mesmerizing glimpse and kissable lips, but first make sure you arm yourself up with the easy need-to-know makeup tips below.

Liquid Foundation Tip

Use liquid foundation to create the perfect base for your makeup. First, it is important to shake up the bottle in order to mix all the fab pigments and have an even shade. If you decide to use makeup tools for the application, make sure you purchase a foundation brush that has one and a half inches wide bristles. This is one of the secrets to guarantee the success of your makeup base. Use some finishing face powder to preserve the long-lasting hold of foundation.

Bronzer Tip

During the warm season it is a must to master the art of bronzer application. Make your flawless and sun-kissed complexion your fave flirting device.

Mix a tiny amount of liquid bronzer with your regular tinted moisturizer. Add a glowy effect to your skin and don’t forget about highlighting your cheeks.

For this purpose make sure you grab bronzing powder. Apply this formula on your chin, cheeks as well as on your forehead. Fake your glam tan with a similar easy need to know makeup secret.

Eye Shadow Tip

Jillian Dempsey is the global creative color director of Avon. This time she shares us a time-tested trick on how to add some extra sparkle to our glimpse.

The secret to a sight-grabbing eye makeup is to apply a tiny dot of shimmer over your eyeshadow, which you position right in the middle of your eyelids. Experiment with this beauty hint to see whether it can grant you with a myriad of admiring looks.

Eyeliner Tip

Beauty kittens have the chance to find out Jillian Dempsey’s ultimate trick on how to apply eyeliner like a real pro. The makeup artist recommends the use of a liquid eyeliner in order to fill the space between individual lashes without any difficulties. This time limit yourself to this very spot rather than the whole lashline. Crown your eye makeup with mascara for the perfect finish.

Lip Makeup Tip

Trawling the market for a fave lipstick shade is one of the chief duties of all beauty bunnies. However, if you just can’t find your signature color, experiment with the solution offered by AOFM senior instructor, Jade. She claims that you can easily mix a fab hue using dark, vibrant or other lipstick colors with nude. Mix the formulas on your hand to see the actual result of these experiments. Then, if you like the outcome of your beauty mix/match, apply the lovely hue on your lips.

Need to Know Makeup Tips

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