The holiday season gives a certain feeling of wanting to shine and escape from all the common habits even when it comes to makeup. Now it’s the perfect moment to try something new and different, it is time for you to be glamorous and bold. Based on your personal taste and the party you have to attend and following some holiday makeup ideas will be able to transform yourself into a charming princess or a seductive woman.

A holiday makeup doesn’t necessarily requires bold, vibrant colors, sparkles or dark, smokey eyes. A luminous, glowing skin, barely colored lips and eyes can be both sexy and romantic. Therefore, using light pastels for the eyes is a thing your should consider when choosing your holiday makeup. A great option for those of you who want something more discreet, yet perfect for the holidays is a makeup in a minimalist approach. With subtle shades, this type of makeup works great for everyone.

Choose an eyeshadow in darker, sandy shades. Apply it at the roots of the lashes, both upper and lower. Next, apply mascara and a lip gloss in a natural color. If you consider this makeup palette rather monotone, add a shimmery accent on eyelids or the Cupid’s bow. You can choose to emphasize your eyes or your lips. Therefore, a fine, soft line on the upper lid or a strong red lipstick represent simple, yet stylish and effective holiday makeup choices. Besides, red is the one color representative for the winter holidays.

Easy Holiday Makeup

As we have said before, you can be elegant and charming without overusing sparkle and metallics. In fact, what can be more sophisticated and chic than the classic, timeless smokey black that seems to reinvent itself every season. Contouring the eyes, these holidays, you can replace black by cobalt blue, brown, purple, or plum shades, which add a mysterious touch to your smokey eye makeup. The secret of a flawless makeup stands in the way you apply the eyeshadow and the ability to perfectly blend the shades. You can achieve this too with some basic skills and a good applicator, or even better. If you find it rather hard to use a brush, you can use the finger.

Begin by applying on the lid a dark brown eyeshadow, starting from the inner corner of the eye towards the exterior, from the eyelashes line and above the crease. Above, apply a cobalt navy shadow blurring the color into the crease and along the eyelashes. Using a black kohl make a line at the roots of the eyelashes and on the inner margin of the bottom lid. As the eye makeup is rather powerful, keep your lips as natural as possible applying a neutral color or just lip gloss that will enhance the natural beauty of your lips. However, if you want to try something more daring, use a red lipstick. Hot and really festive!

Holiday Smokey Eyes Makeup

Now, it’s time to forget about all those boring rules and go for something more dramatic. Vibrant colors are great for the holiday season as long as you wear them with moderation. You can apply an eye pencil in a brighter, vibrant color, such as purple or green. Make a thicker line on the top lids and then use the eyeshadow in the same color in order to secure its fade-proof. Don’t apply anything else, just mascara on the upper eyelashes and a coat of lip gloss in a light pink shade. The key is not to exaggerate with the use of colors.

Now, if you want something bolder, try an interesting combination between the yellow eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Choose a black liquid eyeliner and make a cat eyes liner. Wait until it dries and use a thinner brush in order to apply the yellow eyeshadow. For a bit of sparkle, use some golden eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye. Next, apply a gentle coat of mascara and some lip gloss in a peachy-orange shade.

However, since most of the events take place in the evening and in special locations, you can try a sparkling makeup. Nothing seems to say holidays than gold and silver. These are the perfect choices for a glamorous look. Be daring and try a golden eye makeup and wear it with confidence. This time, remember to keep the rest of the makeup simple and natural.

Bright Eyes Holiday Makeup