Drag queens are performers who use multiple skills to appeal to their audiences. Some of their most precious assets are their hard trained abilities to put on makeup like no others!

Regardless of the type of makeup you plan on mastering, make use of these tried and true drag queen makeup and beauty secrets, and stock up on some of the best drag queen makeup products on the market!

Drag Queen Makeup Secrets: Contour Like a Pro

Contouring is an important part of any drag queen makeup. Why is it useful? Because it helps slimming down face features you are not comfortable with, like making your nose appear smaller.

In order to achieve drag queen contouring perfection, you’ll need to use a highlighter, a blush, and a contouring powder. The highlighter should be applied on areas you are proud of and you want to emphasize, whilst the contouring powder should be used on areas you wish to “hide” or de-emphasize.

For a drag queen makeup special effect, choose products a few shades darker than your natural skin tone, but this works best for evening makeup.

Drag Beauty Tips

Drag Queen Makeup Secrets: Cook Your Makeup

It may sound strange, but cooking your makeup is an expression heavily used in drag queen world! But what does it mean? It means to apply makeup products such as concealer,and foundation, and then let them sit for a while. The warmth of your skin will oxidize and melt the products, changing their color and texture.

Allow your makeup to “cook” for 10-20 minutes, then finish it with setting powder, and other makeup products of your choice. By putting into practice this drag queen makeup secret, you will ensure a long lasting finish, and no clogged pores!

Makeup Tips from Drag Queens: Use Hairspray

Hairspray is a must for a perfect drag queen hairdo, but queens don’t use it just for their locks! If you’re looking for a makeup that will endure sweat, dancing, or a long night in the club, then apply a very thin layer of hairspray on your face to make sure your makeup won’t run.

If you’re searching for more drag queen beauty tips, keep in mind that hairspray may also be used to stop runs from your tights.

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