Eyes are believed to be the mirror of our soul. They can express emotions and states of spirit better than any other body part. The eyes are not only there to ensure sight, they also have a role of making facial features more attractive and softer. The eyes are one of the first thing people observe so they play an important role for aesthetics as well.

Defining the eyes with eyeliner can draw more attention towards them and the facial features. Well defined eyes can soften a persons look with only the help of a little bit of make-up. For a good eye definition a small amount of make-up is required. The eyes can be enhanced with a little bit of eyeliner and mascara. The whole look obtained is appropriate for day as well as evening wear, so it is a versatile make-up. You can try going for stronger lines for evening wear just so your eyes will stand out even more.

Eye Makeup Vs No Eye Makeup

Since there are several eye shapes it is recommended to apply the eyeliner according to the shape of your eyes. By applying the eyeliner to suite the shape of your eyes you can enhance them and conceal certain flaws

For wide set eyes line the the upper and the lower eyelids starting from the inner corner until about half way towards the outer corner of the eyes. This will make your eyes appear closer together.

For close set eyes line the upper and lower lid only staring from the outer corner of the eyes until about half way towards the inner corner.

For almond shaped eyes use the eyeliner only on the upper lid from the inner towards the outer corner of the eyes.

For hooded eyes apply the eyeliner in a thin line over 1/3 of your lower lash line starting from the outer corner. Line your entire upper lid and finish by lining a little bit upwards around the outer corner of the eye to create a cat eye effect.

Eyeliner Makeup

There are a variety of eyeliners you can use like eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner even eyeshadow. Use whatever products work best for you. Curl your eyelashes and apply a coat of mascara to make them look more appealing.

The eyelashes will help complete the look, making the eyes appear well defined and beautiful.

Well defined eyes are very trendy especially this fall 09/10 season. A simple yet glamorous make-up can be worn at any age. There are several ways to obtain well defined eyes depending on the products used and the amount used.