Don’t underestimate your eyebrows, as these can frame your eyes and features beautifully even when you’re not wearing a full face makeup.

Take a good look in the mirror and check if your eyebrows are well proportioned with the rest of your facial features. If your eyebrows are poorly shaped, sparse or way too thin compared to the rest of your face, you can make them look fuller and more even with a few makeup tricks:

Using a spooly, brush the brows into shape, working in the direction of the hair growth. You can also create an arch, brushing upwards until the spot where you want the highest point of the arch to be.

Take a pencil and an eyeshadow that match you eyebrow color and your skin tone Usually a shade or two lighter than your hair color for a natural effect. Always sharpen the eyeliner before using it, to get precise and define lines.

Take the pencil and start to fill in your eyebrows with tiny light strokes, to imitate the eyebrow hairs. Always start at the arch, moving in towards the bridge of the nose carefully.

beautiful thick eyebrows

Dust a little bit of eyeshadow over your eyebrows and using an angled brush and spread the eyeshadow with gentle strokes. Don’t push too hard because you will make them look harsh and fake.

Use an eyebrow gel to finish the brows and keep them in place.

If your eyebrows are unruly and won’t stay in place, spritz a bit of hairspray on a spooly and gently brush hairs in place – this will also make them shine more.

To make your eyebrows more arched and defined apply some highlighter to your brow bone from the middle to the outer corner.

Eyebrow Makeup

If your eyebrows are already arched, work with their shape rather then creating a new one. If you need only to define them, use your eyes as a guide – the highest point of the arch should be right above the iris to open up the eyes a little and make them look bigger, brighter.

If your brows are over tweezed, let your them grow back by not tweezing that area. Pluck only that are out from the desired shape. Apply foundation to cover the growing eyebrows, so they don’t look neglected and that so you can get the perfect eyebrows without