There is and should be a big difference between daytime and nighttime make-up, because of the difference of light which enhance the make-up. Find out the difference between daytime and nighttime make-up.

There are several ways to wear make-up and it is of crucial importance. Make-up can make a person look fabulous but it can also make them look disastrous. It all depends on how the make-up is applied, the amount of make-up applied and the colors used to create the make-up.
Make-up trends change every year and every season, so to be fashionable you need to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Daytime make-up and nighttime make-up differentiate themselves through several things:

the way the make-up is applied

the amount of make-up applied

the colors used for the make-up application

These three factors are the key factors to obtaining an appropriate make-up.
Daytime make-up is usually lighter and tends to be more natural. With daytime make-up the shades used are warmer and not too opulent. For the natural looking eye make-up light colors are mostly used like beige, soft pink, lavender.

The eyes can be enhanced with a light colored eye pencil like brown or the color of the eyeshadow used. Try to avoid wearing black unless you will only use eyeliner and no eyeshadow. Apply mascara to you eyelashes so they can have a better definition.

As far as the lips go it is best to use a sheer lip gloss if you are enhancing your eyes with make-up this will help balance the overall look. You can go for brighter colored lipstick if you only use eyeliner and mascara for your eyes. Enhancing your lips as well as your eyes will make you look dull and unpolished.

daytime make-up daytime make-up

Nighttime make-up should be a little bit stronger. You can go for darker colored eyeshadow either matte or shimmery. It is allowed to use darker colored eyeshadow because there isn't a lot of light which can brighten up the facial features thus creating a dull look.

You can apply black eyeliner to enhance your eyes as well as plenty of mascara. You can choose tinted lipstick as well as sheer lip gloss, depending on each persons preference.

Smokey eyes look especially great for evening wear and they can be performed in any color.

nighttime make-up evening make-up

It is always best to choose your make-up according to day wear or night wear to avoid looking like you overdone it. Make the right choice and you will look dazzling.