There is nothing else that can boost your beauty more than a fabulous makeup look that not only enhances your best facial features but also suits your personality, but since there are a myriad of makeup styles out there, choosing makeup has become far from easy. To ensure you make the right choice, select a date perfect makeup look that will just take your date’s breath away.

Naturalness is highly praised this year, but if you’re going for a look that will make your date unable to take his eyes off you, you need to create a perfect and trendy look that will state pure perfection. Makeup trends change from season to season, so if you wish to be in perfect coordination with the latest fashion trends, check out the following fab makeup ideas and you’ll look stunning.

The smokey eye makeup is definitely a timeless look you can opt for and the new eyeshadow colos available allow you to use your favorite hues to create that sultry smokey eye look that makes heads turn. Dark hues are the most popular ones for the smokey eye makeup, so combine black and silver for a glam look or earth tones, such as taupes and browns for a softer version. Define your cheekbones using bronzer for contouring and your favorite blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Depending on the occasion, you can opt for the trendy bold lip or keep things simple and concentrated only on your eyes, by opting for a clear lip gloss or a nude lipstick.

If you’re planning to go to a party on your date or a fun night out, you can opt for heavier makeup, but don’t overdo it. You can emphasize your eyes as well as lips through bold, vivid colors inspired by the latest makeup trends. Purple eye makeup looks amazing and adds a warm, seductive feel to your look, so give it a try and find out if it suits your style. Smudge the color across your lower lash line as well for an eye popping effect that makes heads turn. Define your cheekbones using your favorite blush, but try to keep things subtle as too much will just make you look extravagant. Luscious lips look sensual and boost your sex-appeal sky-high, so use your favorite lipstick or lip gloss hue such as red, orange, fuchsia and even nude as the effects will be amazing either way.

Naturalness is highly praised and with this look you will surely not go wrong. Natural, however, doesn’t mean washed-out, it means using soft, natural hues that enhance the facial features without having an over the top impact. Create a flawless complexion using a high coverage foundation and define your cheeks using a peachy colored blush. Use a soft velvety pink eyeshadow to put your eyes into value, add more dimension to your look by tracing your lash line using an eyeliner and finish the look by coating the eyelashes with a black or brown colored mascara. Apply a nude or soft pink colored lipstick to add more warmth to your fabulous, girl next door kind of look.

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