Sometimes it seems that we are living on the fast lane we have less and less tine for pampering ourselves so to ensure that you still look gorgeous even when you're in a hurry, learn how you can create a quick make-up in minutes.

Applying make-up when you're in a hurry can be a pretty difficult thing to do especially if you know you need to look good. Make-up application can be an easy task if you are a professional make-up artist, but for the rest make-up application takes time, and when you are in a hurry that is not what you would hope for. To create a gorgeous make-up in minutes one needs a little bit of knowledge on make-up application.

Creating quick make-up in minutes can be easily achieved with a little bit of practice. The style of the make-up leans towards the natural because natural looking make-up styles are a little bit easier to create than the rest of the make-up styles.
It is always a good idea to allow yourself a little bit of time for make-up and hair.

About 30 minutes a day can be sufficient for a simple make-up and a simple hairstyling that can make all the difference in the world. Allowing yourself a little bit of time for pampering contributes to your physical appearance as well as state of being. Looking good will help boost your confidence and you will radiate beauty and joy.

To create a gorgeous make-up in minutes start with a freshly washed complexion. If your facial skin is flaking wash your face using a gentle face scrub. This way all the dead cells of your face will be removed and will not show once the make-up is applied. Dry your complexion using a clean towel and apply an SPF moisturizing face cream.

Take a little bit of foundation and rub it between your finger using both hands.
Using your fingers apply the foundation all over your face in a downward direction. This will leave your face looking fresh and flawless. Apply using a blush brush, a soft pink or soft peach colored blush.

Using a pencil eyeliner line your waterline to define your eyes. If you have a steady hand you can try lining just above your eyelashes. This requires a little bit of practice in order to obtain a perfectly straight line.
Apply a little bit of warm toned eyeshadow, soft pink or peach colored on your eyelids and coat your lashes with mascara. A sheer lip gloss is all you need left and you are now set.

You will look gorgeous in just a few minutes, but remember the more time you allow yourself for make-up the better and flawless your make-up will be because you will be able to pay attention to every single detail, and it is details who make the difference.