The vast array of cool runway inspired makeup looks for fall 2012 prove that when it comes to defining beauty, makeup artists turn towards the basics, emphasizing the eyes or the lips, never both. Variety dominated the runway and it seems that beauty looks were as consistent as they can get, ranging from all natural, flawless looking skin makeup looks to fierce red tone lips and intricate eye makeup looks. Apparently, makeup artists chose to play with makeup looks that balanced out the fashion collections packed with visually heavy elements to achieve a totally eye catching result. Beauty plays an important role when it comes to style, so no wonder that the market has been invaded with makeup products that can help you define your style and features to perfection, all you need is to pick the perfect shades for you.

Eye makeup is the perfect solution for the honeys that want to achieve an unforgettable gaze and thankfully there are so many fabulous pigments out there to play with, it’s amazing. The makeup looks displayed at Roberto Cavalli, Philip Lim, Giorgio Armani etc, seemed to be focused on giving the eyes a mysterious-sexy allure that either leaned towards modern or classic. From multichromatic makeup to the classic smokey eye with a twist, a nude inner corner, the eye makeup looks proved that there’s nothing you can’t do, so dare to go bold and give your eyes a drama definition that will make heads turn.

If you’re all about combining classic looks with modern elements, the makeup styles adopted at Anna Sui, Lanvin, Derek Lam and Stella McCartney can pose as the perfect inspiration for such an innovative style. Heavy flicked eyeliners created using black or bold eyeliner pigments can definitely be a perfect choice. If however this seems a bit too bold for you, a simple colored mascara applied on the eyelashes can help define your eyes to perfection and give them a very unique appeal.

For all you gorgeous ladies that love to play with fabulous lipstick pigments, the new season dedicates some fierce red tone lipsticks that will make you feel sexier than ever. From orange tones to oxblood red, these red lipsticks will help you change your look completely, going from natural with a soft rosy tone lipstick to fierce diva with a fab bright orange-red lip color, so give them all a try and find out which color you can rock best!

As expected, the ‘au naturel’ makeup look is timeless and will always manage to make its way on the podiums and nothing can beat naturalness when it comes to beauty. Flawless looking skin and a naturally sculpted bone structure can make heads turn, so learn how to make the best out of your foundation, blush and highlighter. Balmain, Emilio Pucci, Rochas and Chloe relied on the power of natural makeup and their intuition proved to be perfect as the models looked divine and demonstrated that a little bit of makeup can be enough to make you look drop dead gorgeous.

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