Ever since Kim Kardashian revealed her makeup secret, contouring and highlighting has become huge especially when it comes to special occasion makeup. The face contouring technique comes as a miracle for those in need of some facial definition and boy-oh-boy do we love the results. 

Proper application is a must as is the use of quality products, so before you try to recreate Kim Kardashian’s face highlighting technique it’s best to gather all the information required to ensure you end up with the desired result and not a recipe for makeup disaster.

Quality products can make all the difference when it comes to your makeup, so make sure that you purchase wisely, choosing great texture products that don’t necessarily come with a hefty price tag. Sleek, NYX, Bourjois and Kett are great budget-friendly brands to choose from but you can also buy contouring and highlighting products from high-end brands if you can afford them.

Beore And After Contour And HighlightKeep in mind that face contouring isn’t for everyday wear, so try not to opt for this makeup just for going to the grocery store or out for a walk. Use this makeup technique for special occasions only, where a more defined makeup is required, and start with a cleansed face, moisturized and primed to perfection.

Moisturize, Prime & Highlight

After applying makeup primer, apply a very light highlighter using a brush on the bridge of the nose, the chin area and the under eye area. Most makeup artists like to apply the highlighter in an inverted triangle shape with the color going from the sides of the nose to the temples and down towards the apples of the cheeks. You can adapt the shape to suit your needs, the idea is to highlight the areas that would naturally be illuminated.

Start With The Highlight

Contour Makeup Application

Now that your face is highlighted move on to contouring the face using a dark tone contour foundation. Apply the contour using a brush underneath the cheekbones, the jawline, down the sides of the nose, and on the outside corner of the eye area up towards the temples, to sculpt the face properly.

Although you might think you’re looking ridiculous by now, keep in mind that you’re only mid-way through the process of contouring and highlighting the face.

How To Blend Face Contour

Blending & Setting

The next step is blending, so use a stippling brush and foundation to bring the colors together by swishing it in circular motions. This will give the appearance of perfect looking skin and the lights and shadows you’ve played with will now look more subdued, but the accents will still be visible. Once the colors have been harmoniously blended set the foundation with loose powder.

How To Set Face Contour


To bring out the colors once again apply a lighter color loose powder underneath the eye area, the forehead (between the eyebrows and up) and the chin area. Over the parts you’ve applied contour makeup dust a bit of bronzer, just to outline the face and emphasize your bone structure, and then dust the loose powder off using a clean brush.

How To Do Face Contour

Eye and Lip Makeup Application

You can now move on to shaping your eyebrows with makeup, and applying your favorite eye makeup and lip color.Set the makeup with setting spray if you want long lasting results and enjoy your night out!

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Source and photos: Glam her booth