The arrival of the new season motivates us to revitalize our look. Opt for glam makeup designs to experiment with and stick to those that suit your skin tone and eye color. Besides selecting the hottest shades and styles, it is also important to pay special attention to the perfect application of different formulas.

These clever makeup tricks for a glam look will teach you how to make a fabulous change in your beauty regime. Use multitasker tools and products to steal the backstage beauty tricks pro beauticians use during runway shows and red carpet events.

Makeup Base Trick

Those who have a busy schedule are thrilled to find out the secret to pull off an A-lister look in a few minutes. This beauty hint will allow you to minimize the time spent in front of the mirror. If you don’t have time to apply concealer and foundation, it is enough to opt for your matte powder bronzer. Apply a thin layer of this formula on the temple and cheeks. Use a round brush for an even application.

Bright Eyes Trick

Beauty kittens know how to fake a radiant look. One of the tricks you can use to create the impression of bright and wide-awake eyes is to use a pencil liner in a peachy shade.

This trick can do magic with your glimpse! Apply a thin line at the inner rim of the lower lids. Crown your lovely daytime makeup with mascara.

Kissable Lips and Rosy Cheeks Trick

Kill two birds with one stone and use this beauty ritual to revitalize your skin tone. Apply baby pink on your lips and cheeks to highlight your sensual and youthful look.

For a natural-looking effect skip frosty formulas and opt for soft and sheer textures. In order to accentuate your perfectly defined cheekbones use your fingers to apply the lovely shade on your skin.

Matte Look Trick

Those who struggle with an oily complexion might find it a real challenge to reduce the dewy effect. Pro makeup artists came up with a trick you can also use to nail down the matte makeup look. Use a tiny amount of antiperspirant and apply it under your eyes and the critical T-zone. This is the actual secret to have a flawless makeup base in spite of tricky weather conditions.

Thicker Lashes Trick

Tiny changes make the real impact. Therefore, make sure you apply a thin layer of face powder on your lashes before covering them with black mascara. This beauty ritual will visibly boost the prominence of your eyelashes. Turn your glimpse into a real statement accessory regardless of the event you’re preparing for.

Clever Makeup Tricks

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