Tweezing is one of the most widely known methods to get rid of unwanted hair. If you follow the tradition you’ll surely choose this technique over waxing, shaving or threading. However this is not the best chance to avoid pain, since it might hurt a bit especially if you don’t use the proper tools.

Similarly to other makeup tools hair tweezers have a crucial role, when it comes of adding a refined quality to our look. Learn how to reduce the pain factor and have a spotless and efficient hair removal session.

The ideal tweezers help you proceed quickly and more efficiently. Grabbing the hair at the roots, these would make the plucking easier, this way protecting the skin from further traumas.

best tweezersTweezer

The market is flooded with these tools, you can find unlimited designs in different colors, of different materials depending on the customer’s aim.

Professionals claim that the industry designed different tweezers with specific shapes. That’s why it is important to look through the great variety and find the one that fits our purpose.

Square Tip TweezersThe square shape of the tweezers allows the removal of more coarse and tough hair. Those who have a thick and frizzy hair texture might find it ideal to eliminate unwanted hair.

Those who would like to quicken the process might also use square tipped tweezers to pluck more hair at once. However this can cause pain in the case of those who have an ultra-sensitive skin.

strong>Thin Tip TweezersThe gentle and narrow tip of this type of tweezers helps in removing the fine and soft hair. Moreover these can be also used to grab the ingrown hair pieces. Opt for this design if you have a smoother and less dense hair texture.

Look for 100% stainless steel ones, these besides having the most long-lasting effect can also protect your skin from any contamination. Whether you use it for professional sessions or only for personal care, the point is to make sure that it’s high quality. Eyebrow tweezing can be really painful if done with the inappropriate tweezer and following some misconceptions.

Slanted Tip TweezerThese devices have a special skill to solve problematic spots. Consequently those who are rookies in the tweezing business might find it more helpful than the other two types. Eyebrows seem to give many headaches to people at least at the beginning of the hair removal myth. That’s why it is essential to follow some kind of order, rather than proceed randomly and jump into a torturing eyebrow plucking.

Use slanted tipped tweezers if you want to proceed with the hair removal in a soft and more slower pace. Its further advantage is that it can be also used not only in the case of eyebrows but also on other areas from the body.