How to do the Chola makeup - A Chola is a Latin girl who wears a lot of makeup and has a "bad girl" attitude. They can easily be recognized by their outfits, makeup style and hairstyle. Here is how you can get the Chola makeup.

A Chola is a Latin girl who wears a lot of make-up and has a "bad girl" attitude. The hairstyle is either permed or straightened, pulled back on the sides with a hump on top. They usually wear a bandanna over their forehead, baggy clothes or tight outfits.

The Chola makeup is very easily recognizable because of the thin arched tattooed or penciled eyebrows, dark red lipstick and lip liner. The makeup is applied heavily starting with:

Foundation - apply foundation on the face as well as the neck using your fingers or a make-up sponge. Make sure you spread the foundation evenly so there are no visible lines left. Set the foundation with loose powder.

Blush - apply red blush on your cheeks so you can have well defined cheek bones.

Brow liner - use the pencil to shape your eyebrows thin and arched.

Eyeshadow base - apply eyeshadow base before you put your eyeshadow on so the shadow will set better. You can go for lighter colors like shimmery white or silver. Apply a darker shadow on your crease to create depth.

Eyeliner - apply black eyeliner to your upper lid and upper and lower waterline extending towards the outer corners. Use a pencil eyeliner first as contour and then apply liquid eyeliner because it will look heavier and stronger.

Curl lashes using a lash curler and apply mascara.

Apply more mascara!

Lip liner - use a brown lip liner to contour your lips. Apply gloss, brown lipstick or red lipstick and you are all done looking like a true Chola.