Chanel has always been a name with resonance in the fashion as well as the beauty industry, so take a peek at Chanel's latest spring 2011 makeup collection as it is divine!

It seems that nothing can compare to the beauty, elegance and refinement of pearls, so no wonder they are used to complete and underline the elegant fashion style of a woman. Chanel has always been a name associated with beauty and ingenuity, so no wonder Peter Philips, the creative director for Chanel makeup division, has found pearls to be the inspiration for the new Chanel spring 2011 makeup collection.

Chanel is a name with resonance in the beauty and cosmetics industry as well as in fashion, and this is underlined with every single makeup collection revealed by Chanel. The beauty of the iridescent reflections of the pearls has been transposed into the new Chanel spring 2011 makeup collection and this has made us fall in love with each and every item of the collection.
The collection is beautifully divided, so here are the divine makeup items featured in the new Chanel makeup collection:


The 5 iridescent eyeshadow shades look gorgeous and can pose the perfect solution to a fabulous makeup whether simple or more sophisticated. The shades blend beautifully together and they are named:

Blanc perle

Rose porcelaine

Violine clair

Gris vert

Gris noir

The shimmery, creamy textured eyeshadows are beautifully packed in a glossy black Chanel case which opens up and reveals the eyeshadows and applicators!

A lovely glittery textured powder is also available to give your skin a lovely pearly shine. The POUDRE UNIVERSELLE COMPACTE has a pale rose coloration named Rose Merveille.

For the lips, one can select from of the following shades from the Rouge Allure lipsticks, which look absolutely fabulous:

Flamboyants-rosy red

Coquette- vivid pink

Also available are the Rouge Coco Chanel lipsticks which feature two shades:

Jersey Rose- a soft easy to wear pink

Peregrina- a coral shade

The lip crayons Le Crayon Levres can be found in the following shades:



To add a little bit of glamor to the lips you can opt for the fabulous shiny lip glosses "Levres Scintillante" signed Chanel which come in two fabulous sparkly shades:

Nakkar - pink with golden shimmers

Argonite- a sheer pink with subtle blue shimmers

For your eye makeup you can also choose Les 4 Ombre “Regal Perle” a makeup palette which contains three pale eyeshadows and one sparkling anthracite green, which will boost the sexiness of your eyes.

To define the eyes use the eyeliners “Le Crayon Yeux” in Gris scintillant, an eyeliner pencil which will add a great amount of drama to the eyes!

Although some people tend to neglect this aspect, nail polish actually has a similar importance as makeup, so you should definitely take the Chanel nail polish shades into consideration. The nail polishes feature fabulous pearly effects which create a true spectacle when applied on the nails. The Chanel Le Vernis can be found in three fabulous shades such as:

Pearl drop - a lovely white nail varnish shade featuring gold reflections, perfect for day and night

Black pearl – a mix of pearl gray with dark blue and green reflections which create the look of the Pacific black pearls

Peche nacree – a soft and feminine nail polish shade

The Chanel spring 2011 makeup collection is truly divine and the beauty of the reflections seem to be suitable for all skin tones, underlining the skin's natural beauty!

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