Chanel, one of the most famous brands of all times has released it’s new 2009 fall/winter make-up collection Noirs Obscurs. The name of the collection says it all, there is no presentation necessary.

The collection is based on black and obscure colors, colors which are the hottest trends this cold season.

The cold season brings with it style and powerful colors, colors which symbolize power, mystery and seduction. The essence of the color symbols is found in Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection for Winter 2009.

Chanel’s make-up collection for this season has incorporated obscure powerful colors in eye makeup, lipsticks and nail polishes. The makeup collection is meant to help women all over the world enhance and define their facial features, making them appear more seductive and powerful, characteristic of a sophisticated woman.

Chanel make-up collection chanel noir

Here is what the collection has incorporated to help you enhance your natural beauty:

Ouator Boutons de Chanel in Les Folies Noirs- Eyeshadow Quad

The eyeshadow quad is very mystical, and consists of the following dark colors: midnight blue, dark green, mahogany and dark violet, packed into a gorgeous black eyeshadow stamped with the trademark Chanel signature.

The eyeshadow quad exuded luxury and drama, so it is perfect for sophisticated, powerful women.

Rouge Allure – Lipstick

The colors of the lipsticks are incredibly hot and powerful. There are three shades available, all dark, named:

Hysteria, a luscious dark purple

Maniac, a gorgeous red infused black

Obscure, an appetizing dark chocolate

chanel eyeshadow quad chanel lipstick

The mascaras available in the collection will define and help your eyes pop so you will look ravishing. Both are created with iron oxide to provide dimensional lashes.

Choose from Inimitable- Noir Obscur and Exceptionnel de Chanel- Noir Obscur. Also in addition of eye definition comes the eye pencil Le Crayon Yeux: Demoniac, which is also a dark colored eye pencil.

When it comes to lip gloss Chanel has released only one color meant to match with the eyeshadow . The color is a dark copper with gold shimmers lip gloss named Aquamarine: Furious. The lip gloss will make your lips appear more sensual.

Nail polishes are very important for a persons look and the nail polishes available in the Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection Le Vernis for Winter 2009 look incredibly gorgeous.

There are three gorgeous shades available:

Diabolic, a gorgeous dark red

Forbidden, an amazing black coffee tone

Vendetta, a beautiful dark purple coloration

chanel nail polishes

The Chanel Noirs Obscurs Collection for Winter 2009 has adopted timeless, classic colors which are meant to bring out the sensuality and power of seduction of every woman.