The hottest red carpet events offer the most influential beauticians the means to show off their talent. Hollywood stars are definitely not flawless, however with the support of a complete team made up of makeup artists and hair stylist they manage to pull off a radiating and impressive look.

The following celebrity makeup artist beauty tricks will help you master the best methods to improve your application skills. Practice more often if you wish to turn yourself into a real wizard of shades and textures and nail down the most flirtatious and red carpet-worthy looks.

Eyeliner Tip

Genevieve is an influential celebrity makeup artist with clients as Christina Ricci. Those who wish to polish their technique of applying eyeliner can take a closer peek at the trick offered by this pro beautician. Genevieve highly recommends the application of tiny eyeliner dots on the upper lashline. This will ease the defining process and it can also prevent smudging. In order to create the perfect definition use a Q-tip and blend the spots into a flawless line. The effect will be more natural and modern in order to guarantee your success at every event.

Concealer Tip

The fabulous makeup artist with clients like Kate Bosworth and Gwyneth Paltrow provides us with a useful trick on how to conceal our beauty flaws. This time Pati Dubroff advises us to use the concealer in a super-fine layer when it comes to masking the tiny bags under the eyes.

Those who wish to create the impression of a revitalized face should choose a concealer color that’s 1-2 shades lighter than the natural skin tone. Furthermore, in order to hide the tiny under-eye circles with care, it is highly recommended to apply this product right under the actual bags. This is how you’ll be able to create a natural and uniform effect.

Perfectly Defined Eyebrows Tip

Angela Levin is the mastermind behind the hottest looks of celebs as Nicole Kidman. The secret to nail down a perfectly defined eyebrow is to pencil in the eyebrows first, then step to the next phase which includes the use of a highlighter.

Those who are ready to make a statement with their makeup should use this product to draw a fine line underneath the hair as well as above the brow line. This trick is extremely useful if you wish to cheat your way to a perfectly arched and lifted brow. In order to guarantee the best conditions for the proper application use a flat eye shadow brush.

Natural Blush Tip

Fans of a natural looking makeup style will be simply mesmerized to find out another pro beautician secret. Mullholland reveals us how to apply blush in order to highlight our youthful and flirty allure. Use a large blush brush to apply your fave shade that suits your skin tone. Apply a tiny amount of it on the apples of your cheeks and keep on stroking them for 1-2 minutes. The final result of your beauty session will be a fabulous and alluring glow on the perfect spots of your face.

Plump Lips Tip

Linda Cantello, makeup artist for YSL has worked with an army of celebrities in order to bring out the most of their features. In this case she provides us with the most revolutionary method on how to plump our lips. Use a lipliner to draw a super-fine line beneath the mid-section of the bottom lip. Then apply the ideal shade to fill in your lips and notice the subtle shadow that actually gives the impression of fuller and kissable lips.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Tricks

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