Rosy cheeks have always manged to create a very innocent and sweet look, a look suitable for all occasions. The blushes created nowadays are more subtle and can create a gorgeous effect for all skin types. There are also a variety of colors available to suite different skin tones and preferences.

Because applying the blush improperly can create an unflattering make-up, it is best to choose colors that are softer and are close to your skin tone. You want to emphasize your cheeks not make them stand out on their own. Here are some tips to get gorgeous cheeks so you can look beautiful every single minute:

to determine the exact area you need to apply the blush it is recommended to stand in front of a mirror and smile. This will emphasize your cheeks and it will reveal the exact spot where you need to apply the blush

don’t apply the blush high towards the hairline as you will create a very unappealing look. Stop at the highest edge of your cheeks and you will have a very subtle, cute look

the look you should be going for would be a very subtle one so try to avoid applying too much blush. Shake or blow off some the excess powder blush on your brush to avoid applying too much

avoid applying cream blushes on your skin if you have an oily complexion. Your skin is already oily you don’t need creamy make-up to make your cheeks even more shiny. Powder blush will help you create a matte finish, so go for the powder blushes instead

the more natural looking the blush is, the more natural the effect created will be. Try to use rosy, peach, or brown colored blushes that match and complement your complexion

choose lighter colors during the day and go for darker shades during the evening as the result will not be as obvious during the night as it is during the day

Choose the brand that appeals to you most and make sure you emphasize your gorgeous cheeks as best as possible. Your make-up look will be completed by the blush and you will radiate beauty.