Planning your bridal make up might necessitate a longer time as you’ll have to get hold of all the basic and more complex make up tools and also products. Those who decide to pair the best style to their personality will have to skim through a wide parade of styles as well as techniques that would emphasize the eye color and shape as well as other important facial features of the bride. First and foremost however it is compulsory to find out more of the beauty products that should be in the wedding make up kit before we would start applying the shades and lotions. Besides the color palette you’ll also have to pay more attention to the texture and quality of other details that would pave the way for the creation of the stunning image. These are some of the bridal makeup must haves to consider before starting the actual preparations.


It’s not a matter of questioning whether you’ll need a primer on your big day. The answer is undoubtedly affirmative as this is one of the guarantees that would help you keep your make up spotless all throughout the day. Smudged eyes and melt down lipstick would be indeed the nightmare of every bride. Therefore purchase a high quality primer and set the proper base for the additional steps of the look. Look for compositions that are rich in vitamins as these would allow your skin to breathe naturally. This product will also help you to conceal wrinkles, scars as well as dark under eye circles.


Foundations are also crucial pieces of the bridal make up as these formulas would leave your skin and literally spotless both during a winter as well as beach wedding. Choosing the best foundation is paramount in order to enhance the beauty of our skin and eliminate all the eventual beauty flaws.

Look for the organic ones that can be applied with the help of professional sponges as well as come in spray-on formula. These techniques would allow you to cover the face completely and banish the darker or lighter patches.

Eyelash Curler

Eyelashes enjoy a special prominence in your make up therefore you must have a glamorous glimpse that can be best achieved with the help of eyelash curlers. Though some might be reluctant to use them due to their controversial effect of plucking the lashes.

However following the proper instructions and proceeding gently would guarantee the desired result. Have a radiant look and mesmerize the groom and the guests with your XXL and dense statement lashes.


Furthermore it is also important to enhance the shade and texture of your lashes with mascara. The plumping formulas would both hydrate and shape your eyelashes making them fabulous and textured. Waterproof mascaras are among the most efficient remedies to survive the tearful moments. In this case it is a must to have them at hand and apply it to your fragile lashes. Preserve the flawless condition of your memorable fairy-tale make up and fix the oh-so-fab shape and curve of these tiny accessories with organic and efficient products.


Picking the matching eye shadow is also important in order to be ready to create the wedding make up style your have selected beforehand. Creamy and mineral eye shadows would prove to be the best solutions to have a worth-admiring make up regardless of the season. Be it in hot weather or the rainy season with the help of the primer as well as the high quality eyeshadow you’ll be able to enjoy the overwhelming effect of your glimpse.


Blushes are used with great confidence in the past years as the must have elements of a bridal make up. Defining the cheekbones can be done both with face powder as well as this product.

Therefore remember that with the help of the perfect shade of blush you’ll be able to grant yourself with a perfectly proportionate face. Go for the peachy or rosy tones that complement your skin tone as well as the matte or more glittery shades that add a natural still impressive glow to your complexion.

Face Powder

Crown the face make up with a high profile face powder which would come in various shades and formulas. Mineral powder demonstrated its benefits when it comes of finishing and fixing bridal make up.

Therefore have it at hand when you are eager to even out your skin tone and improve the look of the nose and cheekbones. The summer glow can be best created with a slightly shimmery shade whereas the ‘au naturelle’ look is best done with a translucent formula.


The cherry on the top for your bridal make up is indeed the lipstick. Create kissable lips with the perfect shade that would both emphasize and improve the alluring effect of your best assets. Pair the right tone with the overall make up as well as skin tone. Go for the natural look for a ‘no make up’ effect and the darker tones for a statement vibe.