While most brides decide to book a professional make-up artist, sometimes the wedding budget doesn’t allow it. Try the right DIY bridal makeup tips gathered from the best professionals out there.

Bridal Makeup Tips: Prep Skin

To ensure that your foundation lasts the whole day applying eye cream and makeup primer as a base is vital. It improves the texture of your skin prior to the foundation application and this way – celeb makeup artists advise – the skin will remain shine-free and any pores or fine lines will be erased, leaving a smooth and perfect surface.

Bridal Makeup Tips: Choose the Right Foundation

The key to finding the perfect foundation to match your skin tone is to check the color in natural daylight. As far as DIY bridal makeup tips go, always test the foundation tone to match your skin perfectly and as you apply the product on your complexion be sure to blend it well at the jawline, extending it towards the neck to get a natural, uniform makeup look.

Any makeup artist will tell you the only way to apply foundation correctly is with a foundation brush, so invest in a high quality one before the big day.You might also be interested in: 10 Best High End Foundations

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Bridal Makeup Tips: Apply Concealer after Foundation

Most women tend to do their concealer before foundation, but professional bridal makeup tips advise the opposite. You can wipe away all your concealing work when you start applying your foundation, so do the skin first and use concealer afterwards in small amounts using dabbing and gentle swiping motions. This way you’ll conceal imperfections and illuminate your complexion at the same time!

Bridal Makeup Tips: Don’t Over Powder

Stick to either translucent powders or very natural powders like Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder. Apply with a large fluffy brush gently, without pressing the product. Also only powder where it is needed – if you want a glowing makeup, just apply powder to the T-Zone.

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Bridal Makeup Tips: Apply Blusher

To avoid looking washed out in your wedding photographs, make sure you apply a subtle blusher to the apples of your cheeks.

Bridal Makeup Tips: Opt for Darker Eye Shadows

To up the drama stakes on your big day, apply darker eye shadow and eyeliner in the inner rim of the eye. Keep in mind however that this technique might not flatter all eye shapes, so be sure to experiment prior to your big day to see the outcome and correct any unflattering details in advance.

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Bridal Makeup Tips: Go for Two Coats of Mascara

Get a mesmerizing gaze by curling your lashes and applying two generous coats of waterproof black mascara. Make sure you gently layer the mascara on to avoid clumping as that is a problem you’ll find difficult fixing without removing your entire eye makeup.

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