Applying foundation all over the face The old rules say that for a uniform and flawless look, you should apply foundation all over your face to give an even base, especially for severe skin problems. There are extreme cases when this would make your complexion look too artificial.

That’s why apply it rather to the critical areas: chin, cheeks and nose. Use a sponge to blend it into your natural skin tone. You’ll look just as natural then, when having it all over. If you have a beautiful skin you don’t have to cover it with any camouflaging layer of foundation.

Concealer first, then foundation Makeup artists tend to deviate from this golden rule, why not follow their example. In fact all depends on how heavy you want to cover your critical spots.

If you have a beautiful complexion you don’t need concealer. The foundation will offer you enough coverage.

Ageless Makeup

If you’re not satisfied with the result you can still use the concealer. Remember, the nude and no-makeup look will never go out of fashion.

Eyeshadow should match your outfit Not anymore! In fact according to the new rule, if you wear a pink dress you won’t have to wear a pink eyeshadow. That’s just boring! If you would like to emphasize your eyes wear neutral or contrasting eyeshadows. In fact you can create real contrasts between your outfits and eye makeup.

If you wear a classy outfit try brighter colors, if you wear vivid ones try classy eye makeup. This way you’ll shift the attention to where you really want it.

Apply only black or dark brown eyeliner It’s a slightly restricting rule, however you can break it if you find the right combo of colors. I’m sure many of you have already tried it. If you want to go for safe results, stick to the ageless rule. However if you want to give extra emphasis to your eyes, you can try other shades as well – you can choose a color that contrasts that of the eyeshadow. It’s all about having fun with makeup.

Eye Makeup Closeup