The year 2010 offers the chance to perk up our look with some of the latest trends in makeup. These range from the ultra-natural to the more artificial and larger-than-life tendencies. However those who would like to find the golden middle way can opt for the examples bellow that encourage the no-makeup style when it comes of face and the fairy-tale allure when it comes of the eyes. Contrary to all misconceptions this year designers promise the ‘stripping-off’ of all restrictions which would allow experimentalist to test both the natural methods as well as the false eyelashes. Accentuating both the shape and the color of the eyes is a wise trick that can be used regardless of occasions. The only condition to score the trend is without doubt to choose the right makeup products and tools. Steal the show by adopting some of the newest bold eyelashes runway makeup style that would mesmerize your entourage.

Anna Sui 2010 Anna Sui 2010

Anna Sui repeatedly demonstrates her ingenious attitude towards makeup and fashion. This time the natural means managed to suppress the effect of false eyelashes. The models sport a natural base paired with a spectacular glimpse. This is created with the help of mascara that managed to add length and thickness to eyelashes. Moreover the designer adopts also one of the golden rules of makeup artists. Namely, that boost the effect of eyes by concentrating on this spot and leaving the rest of the look simple and refined. The lips are left bare, the face spotless and the eyes radiant. Eyelashes can serves as the best instrument to complement a plain eye makeup. The eye shadow can be also skipped and the mascara will work perfectly with a tint of eyeliner or on its own. The black tone of the lashes further polishes the classy look.

Miu Miu 2010 Miu Miu 2010

Another designer who joined forces with Anna Sui is Miu Miu. However as opposed to the earlier look, this one is enriched with fabulous false eyelashes used in order to create the sylph-look of the models. Braided hair styles paired with this special and memorable look will add a Boho and at the same time feminine flair to the show. Those who are brave enough to upgrade their look can go for this trend and use individual lashes to pull off the desired effect. Romance and the innocence as well as melancholic atmosphere was created by the complementary eyelashes that devoted special importance to the lower lashes. The artist accentuated he eyes and these only with the help of an artificial tint. However the look seems to be perfectly wearable when we follow the proper principles of application. The effect of the lashes also contribute to the illumination of the face which suited perfectly the flawless facial features of models.

YSL 2010 YSL 2010

Yves Saint Laurent is undoubtedly the designer that offers a spectacular view of the bold eyelash trend. Models sport a special makeup that appeal to the use of false lashes that are trimmed to look short and thick, instead of long and alluring. The doll-style effect is given by the stylish updo and the complete exposure of the face. Though it’s one of the exquisite elaboration of the emphasis placed on lashes it serves as an ideal option for a chic party makeup. Upper lashes are left naturally in their bare shape and the eye makeup is completed with a black pencil and powder shadow. These would contribute to the softening of the effect. Again, lips are left fair and the face is polished with a sophisticated base makeup.

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