Bobbi Brown is indeed one of the most beloved brands and makeup artist who managed to turn makeup into a fun accessory both for teens as well as older ladies. Those who would like to enter this miraculous realm should take a closer look at the Bobby Brown 2010 Holiday makeup collection which lines up a wide parade of voguish hues that keep us versed with the latest color trends.

From the glittery shades to the sultry and more mysterious tones all can be found included into the versatile and hyper-practical palettes. Take advantage of the limited edition makeup palettes and include them into your must have kit. Match the right shades to your features and complexion tone and make sure you experiment with the on trend makeup styles to polish your appearance to perfection. Prepare for the holidays with this complex and marvelous makeup kit that has all that it takes to make you a real glam diva.

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<br />Metallic makeup is the perfect choice for special events as New Years Eve and Christmas. Therefore make sure you take a glimpse at the fab shades lined up in the Crystal Eye Palette. This time you'll have the chance to choose from the: metallic Amethyst, Diamond Shimmer wash, Star Sparkle as well as Marine metallic eye shadow that would definitely help you rise above the crowd in the blink of an eye.<br /><br /> <br /><br />The fabulous shades presented in this stylish ensemble include hues that help you bring out the best of your complexion especially if you belong to the cold group. The tones to choose from would be in this case: Ivory, Petal Shimmer Wash,Flint, Gunmetal Shimmer Wash, Rockstar metallic as well as Charcoal eye shadows. The combo of matter and metallic shades would serve as an A-list option to create your mesmerizing and piercing eye makeup.<br /><br /><br /> <br />Create a natural looking and shimmery chic eye makeup with the Day to Night Eye Palette that furnishes you with a parade of matter and metallic tones that are perfect to make a smashing and eye-pleasing effect. The colors offered by the voguish palette are: Ivory, Oat, Burnt Sugar Metallic, Toast Metallic, Black Plum Shimmer Wash, Espresso. Choose the one that suits your preferences and features for a breathtaking effect.<br /><br /> <br /><br />Dress up your eyes with this amazing palette of glittery colors that would serve as the perfect choice for a special event. Glamour is the buzzword when it comes of the shades the collection contains therefore make sure you skim through the following repertoire before taking a plunge into your chic makeover. Tones as: Pink Glitter Sparkle, Smokey Sparkle, Moonlight Sparkle as well as Sandy Sparkle are the real deal to pull off a sultry glimpse.<br /><br /> <br /><br />Are you fond of the mysterious and subtle makeup designs? Then the Smokey Eye Palette will give you a thrilling experience with all the charming hues as well as the eyeliner and base color as well as dramatic shade included here offered by Bobbis NEW Long Wear Eye Paint collection. The colors that keep millions on their toes are: Ivory, Heather Lilac Metallic, Charcoal and the additional Port Long Wear Eye Paint. <br /><br /> <br /><br />Versatile color palettes are the best solutions to keep your look always versatile and appealing. Use the unique shades that would suit all eye colors and shapes and make sure you let Bobbi bring out the best of your unique features with the following shade selection as: White, Tin Metallic, Storm as well as the Onyx Long Wear Eye Paint. Enjoy the pleasure of sporting these fabulous hues all throughout the day.<br /><br /> <br /><br />Looking for a glamorous and eye-catching eye shadow palette? Then sure you will be mesmerized and charmed by the Sultry Eye Palette that includes shades as: Bone, Antique Gold, Caviar as well as Brandy Long Wear Eye Paint as the perfect hues to pull off a stylish glittery smokey eye look. Bring out the style puss of you and let your creativity rule the makeup application for a unique effect.<br /><br /> <br /><br />Your party makeup needs upgrading then make sure you include the Glitter Liquid eyeliner into your beauty must have bag. Choose from the stylish silver or gold tone that are made this glittery thanks to the sparkling pearls added to the original formula. Define your eyes with the fab applicator and enjoy the special moments with a similar waterproof and resistant accessory.<br /><br /> <br />Echoing the mesmerizing allure of Hollywood glam, Bobbi Brown decided to come up with a complex and crowd pleasing idea and fuse the various eye shadow shades and lip gloss tones into a beautiful ensemble as this Modern Classic Lip and Eye Palette. The tone for lips include: Golden Topaz Glitter, Paisley Rose Shimmer, Pink Bouquet Glitter as well as Grape Glitter. Whereas you have the chance to choose from eye shadow tones as: Ivory, Oyster Grey Metallic, Antique Pink Shimmer Wash, Chateau Grey, Taffeta Metallic, Birch, Heather Rose Shimmer Wash, Navy Charcoal, Gold Thread Metallic, and Espresso. <br /><br /> <br />Turn your lips into real statement accessories with this stylish palette of hues that would make your lips definitely kissable and appealing. The shades included in this stylish parade are: Roseberry, Brownie, Kir Metallic, Pretty Pink, Sunset Nude, Italian Rose. <br /><br /> <br /><br />Your lips need a pampering treatment? Then make sure you condition them with these stylish holiday inspired Lip Gloss Trio that furnishes us with key makeup formulas that are unique both in shade as well as texture. Choose from the Kir Sugar, Gold Glitter as well as Bright Pink Lip glosses the one that best suits your personality. <br /><br />