Bleaching eyebrows has been around for a while, but the look really took off in Fall 2014, both on the runways and with celebrities. If you’re tempted to try it out, learn more about the process and the effects on your brows and your overall look.

From gently lightening the color of your brows to making them “invisible”, there are many interpretations to the trend. Check out a few very important bleaching eyebrows tips that will help you make the decision if the look is worth trying.

The Bleached Eyebrows Trend

Very light eyebrows have shown up during Fashion Week from time to time, but in 2014 they were embraced by more designers than usual. Models like Kendall Jenner and Lara Stone rocked the trend on the runway, while celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry also experimented with bleached eyebrows.

Try a Temporary Solution

Just like most models and celebrities did, trying the look temporarily before committing to it is one of the best bleaching eyebrow tips. Whether you use a light brow pencil, tinted brow gel or simply foundation and powder, experiment with the look before making a big move like using a bleaching agent on your brows.

Katy Perry Bleached Eyebrows

Accept That They Might Look Bad

Bleached eyebrows look good on models, who have a beautiful bone structure, but that doesn’t mean they can work on anyone. Without the right bone structure, bleached brows can make you look more “alien” than you’d expect, while also making your brow bone look swollen and enlarging your forehead. If your makeup experiments don’t result in anything satisfactory, consider skipping this trend.

Kim Kardashian Bleached Eyebrows

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Eyebrow Growth Will Ruin Your Look

Unlike bleaching your hair, you don’t have to worry about roots showing if you go through with it. However, you will have to worry about speckling that occurs when the bleached hairs fall off and new ones grow back in your natural color. So one of the best bleaching eyebrow tips is to be prepared to go back to a darker shade in 4-6 weeks.

Don’t Rely Entirely on Bleach

Facial hair bleaches strip away the pigment in your hair, making it look orange before it gets yellow. You might not be able to get the perfect color using bleach alone. Accept that you could need to use a tinted gel to get the perfect shade. Trying to lighten your eyebrows by leaving on the bleach for too long can be very damaging.

How To Bleach Your Eyebrowsphoto: Miss Natty

Remember That Wet Hair Looks Darker

One of the best bleaching eyebrow tips is to stop before you get the shade that you really want. That’s because wet hair looks darker, so removing the bleaching agent when your eyebrows are a slightly darker shade than what you’re going for is wise. You can always try to bleach them again if they’re not light enough, but you’ll have to dye them completely if you go too light.

Sparse Is Bad

The bleached eyebrow look does not work that well for sparse eyebrows. If you have fine eyebrow hairs or just sparse eyebrows, you should reduce the time of application for the bleach, since it will work faster. To perfect the look, you should also stop trimming your eyebrows, since very thin and excessively groomed brows don’t look very well in light colors.

Accept That It Will Age You

Since eyebrow color naturally lightens as you age, bleached eyebrows might add a few years. That’s why one of the best bleaching eyebrow tips is to be subtle with the look instead of going all the way. Without well defined eyebrows you won’t look your age, and many celebrities who tried the look ended up looking older.

Bleached Eyebrows Candice Swanepoel

Trust a Pro

When you want to take your eyebrows from really dark to light, it’s better to have them bleached and colored at a salon that offers the service. Getting the light look yourself might be difficult, and an experienced colorist can help you balance out any orange tinge with a cool tone.

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Keep Your Eyebrow Pencil Close

Filling in is one of the most important bleaching eyebrow tips even if you have bold and natural brows. A soft tip eyebrow pencil can also be used to make small changes in the overall color, but you absolutely need it to complete the look.