Although, brow trends generally aren’t changing as fast as clothing fashion, makeup or hairstyle trends, but they certainly undergo some fundamental changes from time to time. While full but well-shaped and maintained eyebrows are in fashion for quite a long time, fashion trends haven’t changed for the benefit of extra thin eyebrow shapes.

In 2010 natural shapes are still the most popular eyebrow styles. However one thing has definitely taken a big turn and this is the color. If you take a close look at the latest trends, you will see that bleached styles are the latest innovations as far as eyebrows are concerned.

Bleached/nude eyebrows surprised everyone with their weird, otherworldly look when they made their apparition on the fashion scene last fall. It was a drastic change compared with the bold eyebrows fashion of the former years. This sudden transition provoked a great surprise even with the most extravagant fashionistas.

The no eyebrows look definitely attract attention and express attitude. Wearing bleached blonde brows will surely make you stand out from the crowd. They have a natural size, being neither too bushy, nor too thin as a thread. Entirely white brows will give you a subtle, no-eyebrow look. They can look amazing when paired with a more accentuate eye makeup. Well-defined eyes and un-highlighted blonde eyebrows create a stunning combination.

As bleached eyebrows are a major trend this summer, they don’t have to match your hair color. This interesting style will give an interesting air and a dramatic effect to your appearance.

2010 blonde eyebrows fashion managed to rule the runways being a perfect complementary element of a large variety of make-ups, hairstyles and designer collections. Although as summer approaches, bleached eyebrows seem to filter into street fashion as well. If you want to obtain an edgier look, you can give emphasis to your blonde eyebrows by using a clever makeup.

If you would like to test first, whether this trendy look matches your face, you can cheat by applying a drop of foundation and a touch of powder to your brows. If you enjoy your new look, you can try out bleaching your brows as well, in order to create a stunning, original look.