Finding the best nude lip color can be a daunting task some women completely give up on. Use a few expert tips and discover how it’s a lot easier to find the best nude lipstick shades for your skin tone.

The right lipstick makes your teeth look whiter and your complexion brighter and these aspects are even more important when choosing the best nude lipsticks. Don’t take the term “nude” too literally and find out how to choose the best nude lipstick shades for your skin tone.

Best Nude Lip Color

Sultry and sexy, nude lips work for a variety of looks, including the dramatic and stylish smoky eye. There are two secrets to getting the best nude lips: exfoliation and muting out the lip tone.

Exfoliate your lips with petroleum jelly to get rid of the dead skin cells and add a tiny amount of liquid foundation or concealer on your lips and around them. This tip also helps the nude lipstick of your choice to adhere better to your lips for a long lasting look.

Nude Lipsticks for Fair Skin

If you have a light complexion, beige tones can wash it out. Go for either pink, peach or apricot shades when buying nude lipsticks. MAC’s Creme d’Nude, Revlon’s Soft Nude or Glow Baby Glow gloss in Secret can be great choices for your skin tone.

Best Nude Lipstick Shades for Your Skin Tone

Nude Lipsticks for Olive/Tawny Skin

Olive skin is more compatible with both beige and pink-toned nudes. Try nude lipsticks like YSL Rouge Volupté lipstick in Nude Beige, Beauté Cosmetics Luminous Volume gloss in Elitist or MAC’s Freckletone for a flattering look.

Nude Lipsticks for Dark Skin

Pink nudes are a bad idea for dark skin. Caramel is the way to go when choosing the best nude lipstick shades for your skin tone.

Light brown skin goes great with caramel shades like L’Oréal Paris Infallible lip gloss in Barely Nude. Neutrogena Moistureshine gloss in Natural and the Bobbi Brown collection in shades like Hot Cocoa are your best bets for dark skin.

Best Nude Lipsticks for the Perfect Look

When you’re trying to find the right nude lip color, make sure you stick to the advice of professionals: use less contrast when you’re in doubt.

Even the best nude lipsticks can work with a little help from clear gloss or lip balm, especially if you’ve used liquid foundation underneath. Remember to keep your lips hydrated with a good moisturizer if you apply liquid concealer or foundation to prep them for the best nude lip color.