It is well known the fact that there is no luminous skin without a healthy skin. Before applying any makeup, you should use, every morning and evening, a face moisturizer appropriate for your skin type. As, if your skin is dehydrated or dry, your face lacks radiance and it looks dull and wrinkles stand out the most. Moreover, in order to look perfect when applying foundation, your skin should be well moisturized and exfoliated regularly.

The first thing to keep in mind is the texture of the foundation you use. Choose a silky or oil free texture in order to let the skin’s texture show. As for the coverage, it is your skin and the way it looks that will condition the choice. Therefore, if you have imperfections, a thicker texture is needed. On the other hand, if your skin has a perfect, flawless appearance, go for lighter textures, or better, you can pick a tinted or glowing moisturizer for a more natural finish. This will just even out your skin color without emphasizing wrinkles.

The second very important thing to take into consideration is the color of the foundation. Try to opt for a color that matches your color skin exactly, otherwise it will have an artificial look. Moreover, if the foundation is too dark, it gives a dull appearance to the skin as the color absorbs all the light. You can always choose a color with a shade just a little bit lighter than your natural skin complexion. As the foundation reflects the light, you’ll get a very luminous result. This is an important trick you should remember for those days when your face lacks radiance.

For a perfect look, foundation should be applied on the cheekbones, nose, chin, and forehead. Apply it gently using just your fingers. Make sure you smooth out evenly so that the texture to lie lightly on the face. You can obtain this natural effect only if you choose the right foundation color, otherwise you’ll only get unwanted lines.

There is one sensitive area that seems to be rather problematic, the nasolabial folds. We sometimes believe that it is a good idea to cover those lines that run from the bottom of the nose to the chin. In reality, when applying foundation we only make them look even deeper. And this is the simple way to get an aging effect. The best thing you can do is to apply foundation around those wrinkles in order to blend with the rest of the skin.

As for the eye contour, the best choices are the creamy textures, as the powdered ones only accentuate the wrinkles. And the last thing we want is to call attention to them. Under the eyes, use an illuminator in order to smooth over the dark circles. On the mobile lid, add a makeup base or just some day moisturizer in order to better fix the eyeshadow. As for the eyeshadow, try to stay away from the powdered textures as the powder can settle into creases.

You can apply eyeliner in order to better define your eyes, but only apply it on the upper lid. You can also use mascara on the upper eyelashes to get thicker lashes. mascara on the lower lashes can enhance wrinkles. Your eyebrows play an essential part too in all the makeup process. Choose a pencil that matches the color of your eyebrows. You can also try one in a lighter color and gently accentuate the natural shape of your eyebrows. Try to avoid too dark pencils as they give a severe and artificial look.