Knowing what eye shape you have can help you determine the right makeup needed for your eyes. Here are some tips on applying makeup according to your eye shape.

Small eyes

You can easily recognize small eyes as these are smaller compared to the rest of the facial features. If you have small eyes and you want to make them appear larger, try to pluck your eyebrows thinner so your eyes will appear bigger. Use light and shimmery eye shadows, eye liner on the top and bottom of the eyelid close to the eyelashes, lifting your eye corners - never apply dark liner to the inner rim of the eyes because that will make them look even smaller. Instead, opt for white or beige that will make the white of the eye bigger.

Always curl your lashes and use curling mascara that open up the eyes.

Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

Wide set eyes

Eyes are set wide apart eyes with generous amount of space between them. If you want to make them appear closer together add a little bit of bronzer on the ridge of your nose to create more depth.

Use more intense colors in the inner corner of the eyes, use eyeliner from the inner corner towards the outer corner and use plenty of mascara. Shape your eyebrows slightly from the inner corner of the eyes to bring them closer together.

Best Makeup for Wide Set Eyes

Close set eyes

If the space between the eyes is smaller compared to the rest of your facial features then your eyes are close set. To make the eyes appear wider apart, use the eyeliner and line from a quarter way out of your inner corner, use lighter eye shadows on your inner corner, more intense at the outer corner of your eye and highlight below the outer corner of the lower lashes.

Best Makeup for Close Set Eyes

Hooded eyes

Hooded eyes are also know as bedroom eyes - the eye lid appears to be slightly shut. To make eyes appear more open you need to create the illusion of more prominent eyes. Apply a darker shadow into the crease and hooded area, on the inner corner and under the eyebrow apply a lighter shadow, use eyeliner and mascara only on the upper eyelash.

Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes Bedroom Eyes

Droopy eyes

Droopy eyes are the eyes that give that "sad puppy eye look". To change their appearance, you need to apply a highlight on the entire eye. Apply a middle tone eyeshadow on the crease and towards the brow bone, apply a contour color on the outside of the upper lash and along the entire under eye lash line. Curling the lashes and applying mascara can also give an eye lifting effect.

Makeup for Droopy Eyes