A long night of partying leaves you more than exhausted when you drink a bit too much. Find out how to hide the hangover on your face and get a fresh look with the best makeup tips for the morning after drinking more than you can handle.

Reduce the Puffiness Around Your Eyes

Since puffy eyes are usually the biggest problem when you’re fighting a hangover, they should also be your top priority as soon as you wake up.

You can choose from plenty of creams that offer strong ingredients to reduce puffiness, including brown algae or caffeine. Cucumber slices, cold tea bags or spoons can have a similar effect, but forget about applying ice cubes directly on your skin. Extreme temperatures can cause more redness.

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Best Makeup for Hiding a Hangover

Using the Right Concealer

Moisturizing is a must, but even after you do that and use a good primer, you’ll still need some very effective concealer for hiding a hangover.

Use a concealer with light-diffusing particles that gives a healthy glow but also offers a light texture. It’s best to pick one created especially for the area under your eyes, not a strong one that’s used to cake over blemishes.

Best Makeup for Hiding a Hangover: Eyes

Eyelash curlers can help you look much more awake, but before reaching for a black mascara, think again. The most flattering eyeshadows are lighter: nudes, beiges and browns, nothing with shimmer. Even nude eyeliner can help, but don’t use anything white or you risk drawing attention to your eyes in the worst way. Finish off your look with brown or navy blue mascara, a very important part of the best makeup for hiding a hangover, that helps create a more natural look.

Best Makeup for Hiding a Hangover

Best Makeup for Hiding a Hangover: Cheeks

A touch of blush works best to give your cheeks a gentle glow, but you can also try mixing a very small quantity of illuminating powder in your foundation, preferably along with primer. Putting on the blush before the foundation is an easy trick to get a more natural look when you want to create the best makeup for a hangover. If you opted to use a tinted moisturizer to hide any paleness that resulted from the hangover, you’re set.

Best Makeup for Hiding a Hangover: Lips

A special moisturizing lipstick is the best way to go, in one of the more subtle shades. Just like you’re not advised to use dark colors for your eyes, stay away from vivid shades on your lips as well. Nude lips aren’t the only option, but stick to a color that doesn’t pop up too much and use a glossy finish to complete your glowing look.

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