In the past freckles were considered beauty flaws as these would banished the uniform and matte effect of the complexion. Recently it is considered as one of the most admired sex-appeals. This way more and more ladies would show them off rather than hide them behind a thick layer of make up. Celebrities make no exception when it comes of popularizing the natural barely there make up trend that offers them the chance to sport some of the new and leading-edge tendencies of beauty. The magic key towards success and radiating self-confidence and utmost allure is indeed to dive into the depth of make up tricks. These grant you with the opportunity to flash your unique complexion and skin tone. These are some of the most acclaimed and best make up tips for freckles that would make you feel as if landed in 7th heaven of beauty.

Make Up Base

Specialized beauty stores will furnish you with a great selection of must have products for your complexion. Long gone are the days when you had to opt for a foundation or concealer that would definitely and efficiently hide your spots.

Instead go for the light-weight as well as sheer foundation that might mute the darker shade of your freckles steal would let them pop up naturally rather then being hidden under the thick make up product coverage.

Sheer hues would also create a uniform tint to your skin color which is perfect as the basis for the rest of your make up. Concealers can be also used in case you have some freckles that are darker or more prominent and wish to hide. However in most of the cases all these spots have a similar hue which allows the proper application of a thin layer of foundation.

Bronzer and Blush

Those who were blessed with this fabulous complexion quality might also share some traits. In the majority of cases those who have freckles might not be necessarily redheads, instead more often they have the same fair skin that looks gorgeous when crowned with a tint of blush or bronzer. Make up artists advise you to go for the peachy tones despite the fact that you would generally include yourself into the cool skin tone party. Freckles tend to be rather brownish and warm-colored therefore you should complement rather then contrast their tone.

In this case all you have to is get hold of a peachy hued or neutral bronzer or blush and create the desired make up style. These tones especially the ones that are not obviously glittering instead add a subtle and sun-kissed glow to your complexion. These would also allow your freckles to make the miraculous impression as the top accessories of your make up.Products that have tiny shimmery additives might go for a vibrating party make up still in casual would only create an unflattering visual-effect due to the contrast between shiny pieces and muted-toned freckles


In this case there are endless designs and shades that go perfectly with freckles. However all make up gurus agree that eye shadows that differ from the color of your freckles would be the best alternatives to bring out the best of your facial features and also emphasize the beauty of your eye shape. In this case choose the brown of black eyeliner as the first step to accentuate your glimpse and set the base for the next steps.

In terms of eye shadows choose ones that would perfectly bring out your eye color. This might not require such pro skills, therefore you can rely on the warm/cold tone principles. Keep away of exclusive brown tones as these would only blend into your face. Instead smokey, cat as well as statement eye make up trends would serve as the best remedy to jazz up your look. Grey, black and also peachy rather then pinkish hues would make you chic on the spot. Crown the make up with mascara and preferably black to lengthen and enrich your lashes.


Lip color trends are also infinite regardless of the season. However in the case of a face embellished with cute freckles it is essential to go for the brown, plums and even plums as these would more than probably suit your skin tone as well as hair color.As opposed to the eyes here you should stick to your skin tone as the basic and most vital factor. It is also important to skip the pink lips trend though it might be oh-so-popular this season. Nude lips as well as the colors mentioned above will serve as the best means to complete and perk up your look.