Whether you need tips on how to pull off a look or a bit of inspiration, YouTube is a treasure of makeup and beauty tips. 

Here are the top 10 YouTube beauty gurus you should turn to when in need of expert beauty tips.

Top 10 Beauty Gurus on YouTube

1. Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan’s channel is currently the most subscribed beauty channel on YouTube. 

One of the veteran beauty gurus on YouTube, Phan offers detailed tutorials on everything from movie-inspired makeup looks to everyday makeup tips & tricks. Check out: Michelle Phan’s YouTube channel

Flamenco Makeup

2. Kandee Johnson

Former celebrity makeup artist Kandee Johnson joined the ranks of beauty gurus on YouTube in 2009. If you need makeup ideas for a special occasion, she’s the one to turn to. Check out: Kandee Johnson’s YouTube channel

Fairytale Inspired Makeup

3. ULoveMegz

One of the best beauty gurus on YouTube, Megz, provides makeup tips for both casual and special occasions. Her loyal subscribers are often rewarded with product giveaways. Check out: Megz’s YouTube channel

Blue Eye Makeup Look

4. Blair Fowler

Blair Fowler started making tutorial videos in 2008 and, in 2011, became the youngest makeup artist at the New York City Fashion Week. Subscribers to her channel are treated to product reviews, insider’s makeup tips, and frequent giveaways. Check out Blair Fowler’s YouTube channel

Beauty Tips By Blair

5. Bubzbeauty

One of the most subscribed beauty gurus on YouTube, Bubzbeauty offers hair and makeup video tutorials, takes up questions from viewers in her “Ask Bubz” video series and, as a future bride, started making more wedding tutorials. Check out Bubz’s YouTube channel

Geek Chic Makeup

6. Tanya Burr

Makeup artist and beauty blogger Tanya Burr’s credentials include stints at Laura Mercier and Clinique. She’s your go-to beauty expert if you need advice on affordable alternatives to high end brands. Check out Tanya Burr’s YouTube channel

Tanya Burr

7. Allie Evans

Model and beauty blogger Allie Evans is one of the most popular beauty gurus on YouTube. She uses her channel to provide insider’s fashion and makeup tips and, on occasion, to v-log about her daily life. Check out Allie’s YouTube channel

Fashion And Style For Girls

8. Fleur De Force

A self-described beauty fanatic, Fleur offers inspired looks ideas for different times of the year, alongside product reviews and recommendations. Check out the Fleur De Force channel

Fleur De Force

9. Thomas Adrianna

Included in Black Voices’ best hair bloggers selection, Thomas Adrianna offers tutorials on natural and relaxed hair, hairstyles rocked by African American stars and makeup product reviews. Check out Thomas Adrianna’s channel

Sultry Makeup Look

10. Makeup By Leina

Aspiring makeup artist Leina is one of the fast-rising beauty gurus on YouTube. Her video tutorials show you how to pull off makeup looks rocked by celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Check out Leina’s YouTube channel

Nicki Minaj Inspired Makeup

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