Do you think you’re an expect when it comes to getting the perfect lashes with the help of the right mascara? You might be missing out on some cool tricks that can take your look to a whole new level.

Start using some of the best mascara hacks in order to get the perfect look with less effort. From extending the life of your mascara and managing to apply it completely clump free to using it as an eyeliner, here are the mascara life hacks you shouldn’t miss.

1. Refresh Your Mascara

Old mascara gets clumpy, but you don’t have to throw it away. Get the most out of your mascara tube with one of the best mascara hacks by simply adding a few drops of saline solution. While most mascaras dry out after a few months of use, this simple trick can help you get the most out of your purchase. Eye drops can do the same, but make sure that you’re gently swirling the wand in order to mix the liquid with the dried pigment. If you pump it, you’ll get it clumpy and your mascara will dry out fast again.

Bend Mascara Brush

2. Bend Your Mascara Wand

While most mascara wands are completely straight, bending the brush at a 45 degree angle can help you achieve a more precise application. Bending the wand to get the brush at the right angle is particularly useful in order to reach the lashes toward the inner corner of your eyes.

3. Let It Soak

If your mascara is clumpy, use two of the best mascara hacks to make the most out of it. First, put the tube of mascara in a cup filled with hot water. The heat will influence the consistency of mascara, making it more fluid. If the wand still has clumps, simply wipe it on a paper tissue before applying on your lashes.

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4. Layer Two Types of Mascara

While waterproof mascara is hard to remove, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the regular version. Simply layer it. Apply a regular formula, followed by a coat of waterproof mascara. You’ll get the long lasting effect, with a bit of extra curl, but the mascara will still be easy to remove.

5. Add Volume with Baby Powder

If you’re struggling with getting the right length and thickness with your regular mascara, try one of the best mascara hacks: baby powder. Apply one coat of mascara and follow it up with a Q-tip dipped in baby powder before adding a second coat for a more voluminous effect.

Baby Powder Before Mascara

6. Use a DYI Mascara Shield

Getting mascara all the way down to the roots of your lashes without getting any on your eyelids can be tricky. Grab either a business card or a spoon and hold it under your bottom lashes or over your top lashes to perfect your application without any chance of getting extra pigment on your skin.

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7. Try a Lip Brush

Another excellent way of applying mascara on your lower eyelashes is one of the best mascara hacks. Grab a lip brush and run it over the mascara wand. It will pick up enough pigment to allow you precise application on your bottom lashes.

8. Turn Mascara into Eyeliner

If you ever run out of gel eyeliner, your mascara can pull double duty. All you need to do is use your eyeliner brush to pick up pigment from the wand and apply it just like you would gel eyeliner.

Mascara Application Tricks

9. Go Vertical

Applying mascara with the wand both under and over the eyelashes is often ignored, but did you know you can also use the wand vertically? It’s one of the best mascara hacks, despite its simplicity. Simply turn your wand and apply vertically with just the tip if you want a more natural look.

10. Use a Q-Tip to Fix Mascara Mistakes

If you get mascara on your eyelids, there are two simple tricks that can help you fix your mistake. The first is to use a cotton swab with a little foundation. An even easier solution is grabbing a Q-tip. Simply touch one end of it on the problem spot and gently spin it around to remove the extra pigment. While the foundation trick works best on wet mascara, wait for it to dry before reaching for the Q-tip.

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Turn Your Old Mascara Wand into a Brow Spoolie

Once you’re done with a mascara tube, don’t throw away the want. Use one of the best mascara hacks and keep the wash. After it’s washed with soap, it can turn into an excellent brow spoolie brush.