We all suffered or still suffer from acne and try to hide it the best way we can. And what’s the easiest way to hide it, other than through proper makeup? Here’s a list of some of the best makeup to cover acne scars!

Makeup for Acne Scars

The first thing you should do is to pay your dermatologist a visit, because he can recommend great products that will help you treat the acne, taking into account your budget, as well. A good dermatologist will also indicate which skin care products you should use on a regular basis to wash your face.

Secondly, you should start using mineral facial scrubs to remove dead skin, at least once a week. You should also wash your face regularly, 2 or 3 times a day so that you remove dead skin and make your face smoother. This routine may improve your scars’ aspect.

Makeup To Cover Acne Scars

One great acne scar coverup makeup is concealer. We suggest a mineral powdered base that can easily blend the scars in and hide the acne. After that, start applying a liquid foundation on top in order to smooth the color of your skin. For the best results, you should use products that are specially conceived to hide acne scars. Furthermore, you should use a brush when applying makeup for extra precision when it comes to coverage.

Also, keep in mind that it would be best to set your foundation and concealer with powder. The latter keeps everything in place and helps your makeup for acne scars last longer. Plus, make sure that you have finished blending your foundation and concealer before applying the powder.

If you have a blemish that is very red, our tip would be to apply a green concealer before the regular one. This way green and red will cancel each other if they are combined equally, because they are complementary colors. All you need is a little green concealer because you want to avoid green spots. After applying the green shaded concealer, add the regular concealer or just a bit of foundation over the green concealer to help fight any green shade off your skin and get a great coverage.

Makeup To Cover Acne

Moreover, when it comes to best makeup to cover acne scars, it’s important, if you have brown or purple shaded scars, to use a yellow concealer. The white scars will easily be concealed with the help of a full coverage foundation.

Another acne scar makeup tip is to make your eyes stand out. All you have to do is to apply some eyeshadow in order to shift the attention from the scars to the eyes. If you’re not a fan of intense eye makeup you can focus on your lips instead, so if this is the case, use a bright lipstick shade or lip gloss.

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