It’s high time you tackled your dry skin problem. Soft supple skin can be yours year-round! It just requires a strict skincare regimen that must be adhered to daily in order to achieve the best makeup for dry sensitive skin.

Best Makeup Primer for Dry Skin

A rough looking skin isn’t flattering on any woman: your cheeks should show a healthy, glowing skin, not irritation caused by careless skin prep. So – if first impressions are paramount to you – you should carefully consider changing any bad skin habits.

Applying a hydrating foundation primer should become an important step in any woman’s makeup routine. It will even out dry areas and also lift any unwanted dead cells. A great choice is LORAC’s I’m So Sensitive, a soothing face primer that can quickly become your best makeup primer for dry skin. 

Face Primer For Dry Skin From LoracFace Primer For Dry Skin From Laura Mercier

With an ultra-light and super hydrating formula, this makeup primer for dry skin supports long-lasting makeup wear with a natural yet silky finish. Your best makeup primer for dry skin option could also be Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. Its texture is lightweight and creamy and it hydrates your skin for a flawless makeup application. Both primers can be found on for only $32!

Best Makeup Foundation for Dry Skin

Skip the cake-like matte finishes and go instead for a luminous liquid. It will glide right over the primer, making skin appear more luminous. Press the best makeup foundation for dry skin using your fingers for a natural second-skin effect.

Foundation For Dry Skin From RevlonMac Studio Sculpt Foundation

Your foundation for dry skin will determine how great your makeup looks and feels throughout the day! One of the best makeup foundations for dry skin is Revlon’s ColorStay Foundation for normal to dry skin with SPF 15. It has an extremely smooth touch, and is oil-free. The staying power of this foundation is remarkable at only $12! Another example of best foundation for dry skin is the MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation, and runs about $30. It offers excellent coverage, it’s very hydrating, and is water-resistant!

Best Mineral Makeup for Dry Skin

Want picture-perfect skin with a fresh, natural finish? Choose the best mineral makeup for dry skin foundation. Try Neutrogena’s Mineral Sheers – a powder foundation that enhances your skin through pure and gentle minerals. This convenient pressed powder foundation creates a naturally radiant and glowing complexion that only mineral makeup can offer without upsetting dry sensitive skin.

Mineral Foundation For Sensitive SkinMineral Foundation For Dry Skin

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