Are you ready to find out some precious makeup artist tips and try them out? If yes, you’ve come to the right place!

Makeup Artist Techniques

Professional Brushes

The essential key in doing a great makeup is having the adequate tools. Makeup artists say that this is as important as your technique and the products you are using. So, your kit should include eight basic brushes: a foundation brush, a concealer brush, a blush brush, a fluffy powder brush, a small blending brush, a lip brush, a flat eyeshadow brush and a precision angle brush.

Just like a painter, you should know how to hold your brushes. For example, if you hold your fingers closer to the barrel, that is, the section that is beneath the brush head, you will add pressure on the brush. Also, make your fluffy brush flat by squeezing together the bristles until they’re flattened.

Mix Your Foundation and Your Primer

Applying Foundation And Primer

Another great makeup artist tip is learning how to mix your foundation with primer. If you want a more translucent look, mix a cream foundation with the primer, because this way you will retain the foundation’s coverage. Also, your makeup will last longer and it will blend easily with the first layer of foundation primer.

Apply Concealer Like A Pro

Makeup artists say that the key to a great makeup is knowing how to identify someone’s undertones and cover the unwanted color: the redness around the nose, during windy weather or the bluish circles around the eyes. You should know that opposite colors can cancel each other out. So this being said, redness can be covered with a green pigmented concealer, while the bluish circles can be hidden with a orange-toned one.

Perfect Face Contour

Well, here is another great tip that professionals provide us with. For example, if you have a round face and you want to make it look oval, you should apply a bronzer that’s darker with one or two shades than your skin tone. It should be applied on your temples, on the chin and cheeks.

Highlighting And Contouring

For those of you with a prominent forehead, you should apply bronzer on the outer edge of your forehead along the hairline, in order to minimize the area. Moreover, you can correct a wide nose by highlighting its center and shading along your bridge, beginning with the inner brows.

Change Your Eye Shape

Probably the best thing about makeup is that you can use it to correct your imperfections. For example, you can elongate your eyes by applying a dark liner to the outer half of your upper and lower lash lines, by connecting them at the outer corner.

Also, for those of you ladies that have small eyes, here’s a great tip: just apply a white/beige eyeliner to the lower inner rim. This will help your eyes look more open. Then use a black pencil liner along your upper and lower lash lines and connect the line at the outer corner. Keep in mind that it is essential to blend the shadow with the liner.

Tips From Celebrity Makeup Artists

Anastasia Soare

Also known as the queen of eyebrows, Anastasia has worked with a lot of celebrities: from Oprah Winfrey to Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum. She gives a great tip when it comes to having bright colored eyes: you should go for eyeliner and simply skip the bright eyeshadow.

Makeup Brushes

Nicole Bryl

She had worked with Ivanka Trump, Maria Menounos or Brooke Shields. She points out a good tip for an issue common to all of us: our favorite mascara has dried out. Her suggestion – add a few drops of water. She even adds “The mascara that is dry and leftover in the tube will moisten up from the added water with each pump and leave you with a few more uses.”

Susan Giordano

You are having a dilemma: you don’t know what shade of mascara to buy. Known for working with Alissa Milano, Katie Holmes or Britney Spears, Giordano suggests that when you have doubts, black is the solution. This way, you will enhance the shape of your eyes and you will also define your lashes.

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