Whether you’re wondering if it’s worth to try a new makeup look or you’re simply looking for the right products to buy, there are many apps that can help you out, either with a complete virtual makeover or with other useful functions.

Take a look at some of the best makeup apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, and find out how you can turn your smartphone into the perfect tool for your makeup kit.


A very popular app, MakeUp takes the virtual makeover to its limits. Before trying a new look, take a selfie and see how thousands of shades would look on your complexion. It’s definitely one of the best makeup apps for iPhone, iPad and Android because it allows you to try on real-life cosmetics shades, along with celebrity hairstyles and even types of sunglasses. 

Make Up Makeover App

Thanks to its ShadeMatch technology, the app can realistically simulate shine, glitter, textures, and intensities of the cosmetics product you’re experimenting with.

Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover

Perfect365 Makeover App

Whether you’re looking for a subtle touch-up or want a new dramatic look, this excellent app allows you to try on trendy makeup styles or simply create your own perfect look that you can apply to any picture before you share it on social media. With great cleanup and enhancement features, this app that’s available both in the iTunes App Store and in the Play store will help you get the look your want.


Beautylish App

From learning how to create essential makeup looks to shopping for your favorite products, Beautylish is a must have app for turning your smartphone into your own beauty expert. It’s one of the best makeup apps for iPhone, iPad and Android because it also offers product reviews, tutorial videos and an active community that can help you when you can’t find the answer to any makeup question.

Pretty In My Pocket

Pretty In My Pocket App

If you’re looking for the best deals, Pretty in My Pocket is an essential app, available for your iPhone, iPad and in a beta version for Android. Getting together expert advice from popular beauty bloggers and offering reviews and guides for the perfect shopping and makeup experience, the app delivers as a useful tool for expanding your makeup universe.

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Mary Kay Makeover App

If you’re a fan of Mary Kay beauty and makeup products, don’t miss out! The Virtual Makeover app is one of the best makeup apps for iPhone, iPad and Android because it delivers celebrity makeups with plenty of tools to get the perfect shades of everything for your skin. You can even experiment with hairstyles that match your makeup style.

Make Up For Ever Pocket Studio

Make Up For Ever Pocket Studio App

While the Style Studio part of the app gives you access to expert makeup tutorials that even beginners can easily follow, the best part of this great app is its SOS Studio, which helps you avoid the most common makeup mistakes and solve skin issues that are bothering you. If you like Make Up For Ever products, you can even use the style locator, but the app has something for everyone, regardless of your favorite brand. Get it for iOS or Android

My Own

My Own Skin App

Take a real look at yourself with one of the best makeup apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Even if you’re not going to purchase any OWN Cosmetics products, this useful app can be an excellent wake up call regarding the state of your skin. With tools that analyze every feature from wrinkles and fine lines to age spots, the My Own app will show you the real age of your skin and even recommend a personalized beauty regimen.

Match Maker by True Match (iPhone, iPad)

Matchmaker By True Match Makeup App

Created by L’Oréal Paris, this iOS exclusive app can help you find the perfect foundation for your skin tone by becoming your personal beauty expert. Find out more about your skin’s undertone and discover which celebrities share it with this useful app that truly delivers on the most precise match.

Smart Mirror (iPhone, iPad)

Smart Mirror Makeup App

A smart mirror is definitely among the best makeup apps for your iPhone. While the Play store has many options for turning your smartphone into your mirror, the iOS exclusive version of the app uses face recognition to automatically zoom in on your eyes and lips, helping you do your makeup. 

UPDATE: L’ Oréal Makeup Genius (iPhone, iPad)

One of the most advanced makeup apps, the new Makeup Genius App lets you test real products on your iPhone or iPad and try new makeovers with excellent accuracy. Try new colors before you buy and share your new look on Facebook. The app is expected to debut on Android in 2015.

Makeup Genius

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