Getting the proportions right is one of the most important eyebrow shaping tips, but if you want perfect looking eyebrows, there’s more to shaping than than. From the best tools to the right way to making the best use of color, try a few pro tips that will help you create the eyebrows you want.

Start using the best eyebrow shaping tricks in order to make your eyebrows a part of your gorgeous look. Using their shape to your advantage can take years off your face, so learn a few tips to get it right.

Start With a Good Set of Tools and the Right Attitude

Before you can shape your eyebrows correctly, you need to make sure you have every tool you need for a good job: sharp metal tweezers with a slanted tip, eyebrow brush, grooming scissors, brow pencil and/or brow powder.

A magnifying mirror always increases the risk of over-tweezing, so stick to a regular one with very good lighting. Find a picture of the eyebrow shape you want and tape it to your mirror in order to increase your chances of getting it perfect. One of the best eyebrow shaping tricks is to create the shape with eyebrow pencil and then stick to it when you tweeze.

Eyebrow Tools

Shape your eyebrows when you’re relaxed and in a good mood. If you do it after a shower, the hairs will go out easier, but your attitude is even more important.

Mapping Out Your Eyebrows

Don’t pick up the tweezers for the best eyebrow shaping tricks before you figure out what the best shape for your face is. Once you try the traditional arch, you can experiment with other shapes, but following the essential rules will help you get eyebrows that are guaranteed to look great in relation to your eyes and nose.

Where Should Eyebrows Start?

To improve on your natural shape, you should leave your eyebrows grow for a least a month before attempting to shape them. The easiest way is to use either a pencil or an eyebrow brush and place it vertically against your nostril to determine where your eyebrows should start for a natural look.

How To Shape Eyebrows

Arch High Point

The next step in figuring out the right shape for your eyebrows is to establish the highest point of the arch, where the each eyebrow should go downwards. Next, align the pencil or brush to your iris. Keeping it aligned on the inside of your right nostril, arrange it so it’s aligned with the outer edge of the iris in your right eye and mark the spot where it hits the eyebrow. Repeat for the left before moving on.

Eyebrow Tail

Using the best eyebrow shaping tricks, you can also determine where the eyebrows should end. Simply align the brush or pencil with the outer corner of your eye to find the place where your eyebrow should end in a natural and youthful way. The arch high point is usually about two-thirds of the eye from your inner eye corner, but the secret for the perfect eyebrow tail is to make sure it’s no lower than where your eyebrows begin. If it’s lower, you’ll get a droopy effect, instead of a lift.

Trim Before You Tweeze

To be more accurate with your tweezing, you should always brush your eyebrows upwards and trim before you tweeze. You’ll be able to work with the natural shape better if you trim before brushing your hairs back in place.

Pro Plucking Tips

The best way to pluck your eyebrows is when you’re standing in a well lit room, a foot away from the mirror. One of the best eyebrow shaping tricks is to always start with the bottom, and tweeze from your nose to the tails of the eyebrows. Tweezing in the direction the hair grows is less painful and it can also decrease the risk of ingrown hairs.

How To Tweeze Eyebrows

Fill With the Right Pencil

Eyebrows tend to thin with age, so if you’re going for a youthful look, try to keep yours as full as possible. Use a brow pencil in order to fill in any sparse spaces with the right color to complete your beautiful shape. Just like tweezing, always use the pencil in the same direction as your hair growth.

Use Color Correctly

One of the best eyebrow shaping tricks is using color to your advantage. Remember that the right color for eyebrows is a shade or two darker than your hair, but you can actually work with two colors. You can use different shades of brow powder and pencil to get a perfect look. Leave the more permanent eyebrow tinting to the pros.

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