Shaping your eyebrows should always be balanced with your features, but that’s just the first step in making sure that they’re always looking perfect. Find out how to solve a few eyebrow problems and use some makeup tricks to get the desired effect.

Try some of the best eyebrow hacks and you’ll be able to take your brow game to the next level. From knowing how to reduce pain when tweezing to making your brown look fuller in just seconds, here a few tricks you definitely need to try.

Reduce Pain While Tweezing

If you need precision, tweezing is always better than waxing in order to keep your eyebrows in perfect shape. You can use a gentle numbing gel if you’re very sensitive to the pain, but the cheapest and simplest solution is alternating warm and cold compresses. Start with a warm washcloth before tweezing, and apply an ice pack right after you’re done to reduce inflammation.

Replace the Brow Serum with Castor Oil

One of the best eyebrow hacks is using castor oil instead of a serum. You can give your brows texture, and castor oil is also useful as a natural regrowth agent for both your eyebrows and your eyelashes. In order to simplify the application, simply use an empty mascara bottle and a clean wand to apply it regularly.

Step Back

Even if you think that getting closer to the mirror or using a powerful magnifying one can help you define your eyebrows perfectly, you’re better off taking a step back. When you’re tweezing, you’ll manage to get better symmetry and shape your brows more easily if you’re a foot away from the mirror. That way, you’ll keep things in perspective and you’re less likely to over-tweeze.

Fake the Perfect Arch

If your brows don’t have the right shape yet, use one of the best eyebrow hacks and create the illusion of the arch you want. When you’re defining your eyebrows, use less pigment towards the end and focus the most at the highest point of the arch. You’ll get a lifted effect by playing with color and enhance the arch without a lot of work.

Tricks To Shape Eyebrows

Use Hairspray as an Eyebrow Gel

When you’re out of eyebrow gel, the easiest way to keep your eyebrows in the perfect shape is to use a little hairspray. You should avoid any strong hold products, but most hairsprays will work just fine. Apply it on a spoolie brush, then use it to get every hair in place and make it stay there throughout the day.

Enhance Definition with a Highlighter

Using a highlighting pen to enhance the definition of your brows, while also bringing attention to the arch is also one of the best eyebrow hacks. Apply it on the brow bone, right under your eyebrows and blend it well to get the desired effect. Don’t try the same trick above your eyebrows, since it won’t be effective in the same way.

Get Bold Filled Brows

When you’re filling in your eyebrows, there’s a good trick you can use in order to take them to the next level. Wet a brush and use brown eye shadow to fill them in and you’ll get an instant upgrade. Make sure that your brush is just slightly damp, not dripping, otherwise you’ll do more than just fill them in.

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Fake an Arch

Try one of the best eyebrow hacks in order to enhance your arch and really make it pop. You’ll need a brow pencil and gel to achieve this effect. Start by drawing the arch right at the top of your eyebrows with the pencil, then use the brow gel while brushing your hairs upwards the highest point of the arch, then downwards toward the end of the brow.

Filling In Eyebrows

Fill in Correctly

Filling in too hard, particularly with an eyebrow pencil, can lead to a very artificial look for your brows. Don’t press the pencil down too hard and don’t try to do long line. Instead, you’ll get a lot more control by using shorter and lighter strokes.

Always Outline at the End

After shaping or filling it from a distance, you should get closer to the mirror to outline. You can also try one of the best eyebrow hacks and use some white liner or even some white eyeshadow to define the tops and bottoms of your eyebrows. Just make sure you blend it well to complete your look and get the perfect brows.