Using concealer the right way can make a huge difference to your makeup. Even if you’re not making any beginner mistakes, there’s always room for improvement. Try these useful tricks to really get your money’s worth when it comes to concealer.

With the help of some of the best concealer hacks, you’ll be able to improve your makeup skills and get a perfect complexion every single time. From the right way to apply it to a few novel uses, here are the concealer tips and tricks that are always useful.

Never Apply Before Foundation

While many women think that the correct order is moisturizer, concealer and foundation, pros know that it’s always best to apply the concealer on top of the foundation. That way, you’ll be using less to get the right look and you won’t have to worry about blending your foundation. While you apply foundation and blend it correctly, most of the concealer gets removed.

Layer Concealers to Hide Problem Areas

In order to fight redness, you need a little green, but the way you apply it is very important. If you’re dealing with acne, try one of the best best concealer hacks and dab just a touch of green concealer on top of the redness, before your regular shade. For really dark under eye circles, used a salmon or peach concealer. If you want to correct uneven skin tone, then a yellow concealer is the best option.

How To Layer Concealer

Get the No-Makeup Look for Your Eyelids

If you’re going minimal with your makeup, concealer is a must. Hiding any redness, along with eyelid veins, a little concealer applied to your eyelids just like eyeshadow can help you achieve a naturally beautiful look. However, if you plan on using eyeshadow, skip the concealer on your eyelids, since it usually leads to creasing.

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Choose the Right Consistency

One of the best concealer hacks helps you understand why the perfect shade isn’t the only concern when it comes to applying it for the full effect. Liquid concealers are the most best option for your under eye circles, since that’s where the skin in the most delicate. Either liquid or creamy, blend gently with your ring finger. For other areas, a stick concealer does the trick best.

Illuminate Your Eyes

The most common way of applying concealer to dark under eye circles is horizontally, but it’s definitely not the best one. In order to get an illuminating effect, apply it as an inverted triangle, with the base being your lower eyelids and the point at the top of the apples of your cheeks. This draws attention to your eyes in the most flattering way.

Use Liquid Foundation as Concealer

If you’re out of concealer, you can use liquid foundation as a replacement. However, the trick to one of the best concealer hacks is actually letting set for a few minutes before trying to blend it. Dot it on the problem areas and let it dry for 3-5 minutes before blending it out. If you hurry, you won’t get the coverage you need.

Get Perfect Definition for Brows and Lips

When you’re looking for great definition, your concealer can help, whether it’s for your eyebrows, your lips or the perfect cat eye. Applying concealer on the top and bottom of your brows and lips helps create sharp lines, while an angled brush is the best way to apply it to a cat eye to fix any mistakes and perfect the line.

Concealer Types

Depuff Your Eyes Instantly

One of the best concealer hacks allows you to hide puffy eyes almost completely. You’ll need to mix eye cream with concealer and bit of highlighter on the back of your hand. Apply it over the brow bone, under your eyes and at the temples to reduce the puffy look.

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Perfect Nude Lips

Whether you’re using a lipstick or lip gloss, dotting and blending concealer over it helps you create a gorgeous nude shade. You can use different colors to create nude shades that will always match your skin tone.

Prevent Creasing

Applying the concealer at the same temperature as your skin is one of the best concealer hacks and a great way to prevent creasing. If that doesn’t work, you should always take one layer of a tissue and remove excess oil to prevent any problems in the eye area.