Bold brows have been growing as a trend for the past few years and some celebrities have even turned them into a signature look. Whether you prefer Cara Delevingne’s gorgeous look or Lily Collins’ bold eyebrows, find out how to get yours just right.

Check out some of the best bold eyebrow tips, from growing yours out to keeping them tamed and well groomed. Get cover ready eyebrows with these expert tips and you’ll never go back to thinner eyebrows, which can sometimes add a few years.

Decide How Big You Can Go

While bold brows are a trendy look, they don’t always work well with your features. If your eyes or forehead are small, you might not look your best with big and bold eyebrows. 

Growing them out takes time, so make sure that they work for your features so you don’t end up being disappointed after all your work.

Grow Out Your Brows

There are two ways of growing out your eyebrows when you’d like a fuller look. The first is to simply throw away your tweezers for three months and allow them to grow while filling them in with brow powder or concealer. One of the best bold eyebrow tips is to take a more subtle approach and do it in rows, which helps them look great at all times.

Forget About Pencils

Throw away your eyebrow pencils and make the full switch to brown powders. The reason they work better on bold brows is because they mainly stick to the hair. Putting too much pigment on the skin, like it sometimes happens with pencils, and you’ll get a fake look. Once you find the perfect shade of powder for your eyebrows, grab a slightly darker one for evening looks.

Brow Tutorial

Find the Right Color

Picking the perfect shade for your eyebrows can get difficult. If you’re new to powders, you might want to try a tinted brow gel. However, the best bold eyebrow tips when it comes to color are simple, no matter what product you use: stick to one or two shades lighter or darker than your hair color. If you want the bold Cara Delevingne look, go for a color that’s one shade darker.

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Use Your Brush Correctly

Pressing the small angled brush too hard on your eyebrows basically turns it into a pencil, leaving behind too much pigment on your skin. You’ll need a light touch to apply color just on the hairs, without touching your skin at all. Always brush in the direction of hair growth to get a beautiful look that’s natural while still bringing a touch of drama to your look.

Apply Color in the Right Area

Even with the right shade of brow powder, you can still make a mistake that takes your look from glamorous to garish. Applying too much color at the inner parts of your brows is a bad idea. Instead, use one of the best bold eyebrow tips and stick to outer two-thirds of your eyebrows. You can still blend towards the inner part of your brows with a light touch.

Bold Eyebrows Makeup

Trim Carefully

Trimming is a must even when you want the perfect bold brow look. When you trim, you’ll also be able to fill your eyebrows more easily. Focus on the longest hairs and comb them vertically and towards your ears. Using small scissors, take a little off the top, then comb them back to get a strong shape.

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Don’t Skip the Brow Gel

If you want big and beautiful eyebrows, you might end up spending a little more time to keep them perfect. Even with the best bold eyebrow tips, you still need to rely on eyebrow gel to set them and help the hairs stay put once you’ve finished combing them.

Cara Delevingne Eyebrows

Adjust Your Makeup

Big brows already add an element of drama to your look, so going too far with your makeup choices can be a bad idea. If you like the no-makeup makeup look, you won’t have to worry about your eyebrows getting in the way. However, if a smoky eye is too dramatic, it can overpower your entire look. Keep your eyes simple and focus on the lips.

Keep Your Eyebrows Healthy

Using the best bold eyebrow tips will help you get the look you want, but when you’re noticing issues with your brow hairs, it’s time to give them a little more care. Multivitamins and hair growth serums can help, especially when you’re dealing with sparse patches in your brows.