Picking the right blush for your skin type and finding the perfect brush are just the first two steps in making the most out of your blush. From applying correctly for your face shape to making your own blush from natural pigments, try these easy ideas.

With the help of the best blush hacks, you’ll get more that perfect application. These simple tips and tricks for using blush on your cheeks, and even your lips, will help expand your makeup repertoire for more glamorous looks.

Turn Lipstick into Blush

Whether you’re out of blush or you just didn’t think you’d need a touch up when you left home, your lipstick can come to the rescue. Unless it’s a very dark shade, you can turn your lipstick into an instant cream blush. All you need to do is apply a little bit on the back of your hand, then use one or two fingers to apply a small amount on your cheeks and blend it really well.

Get the Right Look for Your Face Shape

One of the best blush hacks is applying it based on your face shape, not just on the look you want to achieve. If your face is oval, start with the apples of your cheeks and swipe it a bit upward. For round faces, the best place to wear blush is along your cheekbones, for a slimming effect. If you have a square face, stick to just the apples. For a heart-shaped face, apply it under the apples of your cheeks and gently blend it upwards.

Get Instant Matte Lipstick

Another cool lipstick trick you can try with blush is giving a glossy color a matte finish. After you’ve finish applying the lipstick, use a little blush on the tip of your index finger and dab it all over your lips. Alternatively, you can take a thin tissue and apply the blush over it. This trick is recommended if the color of your blush doesn’t closely match your lipstick.

Blush Makeup Tricks

Make Blush Last Longer

Using both cram and powder blush to make your look last longer is one of the best blush hacks. Start with the cream blush. After you’ve finished applying and blending, give it a couple of minutes before applying translucent powder over it. Finish your look with a little powder blush on top and your makeup will stay put throughout the day.

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Turn Your Blush into a Lip Stain

When you need a quick lip color and you only have access to blush and a chapstick, you can make an instant lip stain. Apply the chapstick and then gently dab powder blush over it, making sure that you’re blending it well for a beautiful finish.

Go Green

Try one of the best blush hacks and make your own using just natural pigments. You’ll need arrowroot starch and then you can choose from a wide variety of powders to get the perfect shade. You can use anything from freeze dried raspberries to cocoa. For a perfect red, use saffron with the arrowroot starch and for a delicate pink, mix it with corn flour.

Best Blush Tricks

Blend Cream Blush Perfectly

When you’re using cream blush on dry skin, blending can get difficult. In order to get the perfect look, you’ll need a small synthetic makeup sponge and liquid foundation. Blend the edges of the cream blush into your foundation carefully for a more natural look.

Revive Cream Blush

If your cream blush is drying out, all you need to try one of the best blush hacks and to revive it is a few drops of 70% alcohol. Start adding it gradually, then stir with the end of a makeup brush until you get the original consistency. Smooth it out and your cream blush is almost as good as new.

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Fix Broken Powder Blush

Alcohol can also be used when you drop your compact and the blush is broken. Start by placing plastic wrap over it to seal it, then crush all of it. Start adding alcohol until the powder blush is softens up and you can get it back to its original shape. Let the alcohol evaporate for a few hours before using it again.

How To Fix Broken Blush

Use Foundation to Tame Blush

One of the best blush hacks can help you save time when you’ve had an accident and applied a little too much. Instead of reaching for the makeup remover, use a little foundation over the blush. Concealer can work just as well in order to reverse the blush application that went too far.