Looking your best in record time is easy once you learn some of the best beauty hacks. Whether it’s beauty products used in different ways than their intended use or simple tricks that will help your makeup stay put, try these real life hacks in your beauty routine.

Discover a few ways to get the most out of your beauty products, and use the best beauty hacks whenever you’re pressed for time or need to look spectacular without the help of a professional makeup artist.

Mascara as the Perfect Eyeliner

Discovering you’re out of eyeliner just as you’re getting ready for a big night isn’t pleasant. Luckily, mascara comes to the rescue. As long as you have an eyeliner brush handy, you can finish your look in the same way using just mascara. Gently rub the eyeliner brush against the mascara brush and apply the desired color and eyeliner shape to your eyelids.

Use Mascara As Eyeliner

If you’re using very strong waterproof mascara, you might have to spend a few more seconds taking your makeup off at the end of the night, but most mascaras can be removed as easily from your eyelids as from eyelashes.

Keeping Your Teeth Lipstick-Free

Wearing even the most vibrant shades of red lipstick is now perfectly secure with one of the best beauty hacks. This trick can you help feel secure that your lipstick won’t get on your teeth for the entire night. After you’ve applied lip liner and color or gloss, simply put your index finger into your mouth, as if you want make a pop sound. After pressing your lips against it, remove it fast and you’ll find that the inside of your lips is not completely color free, and none will get on your pearly whites.

Perfect Cupid’s Bow

In order to get luscious lips with color that stays put, you can easily use lip liner to create the perfect Cupid’s bow that won’t smudge. It’s simultaneously one of the easiest and one of the best beauty hacks. 

Perfect Cupids Bow Lips

Start by drawing an X right at the front of your top lip to take care of the top of the bow. Then start working on the corners of your lips, a bit on each side, to really create the desired shape. Finish with the right lipstick or gloss and you’ll get a perfect Cupid’s bow shape with color that won’t smudge.

Make Eyeshadow Pop

Getting ready for a special evening? Try one of the best beauty hacks that helps you achieve a gorgeous look for your eyes. As long as you’re not going for a smoky eye look, simply apply white eyeshadow before choosing the right colors. The white layer will make the colors pop and reduce the risk of smudging.

Polka Dot Nail Art

Inside your medicine cabinet, you probably have a simple tool for instant nail art! Use a Band-Aid to create the perfect polka dot shape with a different color on your nails. 

Polka Dot Nail Art


After the base color is completely dried, apply a Band-Aid on a nail and simply paint over it with a secondary color to get perfectly round and even spaced dots.

Baby Powder for Mascara

More often than not, mascaras that promise both a lengthening and volumizing effect can create clumps or flake away. One of the best beauty hacks helps you get longer, fuller eyelashes without any of the downsides. You’ll need to apply two coats of mascara, with a secret ingredient in between. After the first coat, use a cotton swab dipped in baby powder and gently run it across your lashes, focusing on the ends. The second coat of mascara goes on top of the powder, where it will stay put while giving you dreamy eyelashes.

Long Lasting Waves

Looking to add texture that last longer on your hair, but your only tool is a flat iron? Try one of the best beauty hacks that helps you get soft waves which keep their shape for an extended period of time. 

How To Style Braid Waves

For very loose curls, braid your hair and flat iron the braids. If you make tighter braids you’ll get waves or even a crimping effect that’s a bit less damaging to your hair.

Getting the Best Out of Your Concealer

You may have seen professional makeup artists dot concealer on dark under-eye circles, but that’s not the best way to hide them. Instead of dotting and blending in every direction, apply the concealer starting right under the eyelid and going downward and sideways. This creates a triangle shape that helps reflect the light better and hide dark circles easy and fast.

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