Makeup can truly be a girl’s best friend, with the condition it is properly applied, as makeup is after all an art. You can’t just throw on your makeup and look amazing, it has to be applied in a certain way, and this is not easy. Improper makeup application leads to beauty mistakes which you definitely have to avoid, therefore, try to learn how to apply your makeup so you can always look dazzling.

Makeup is supposed to help you achieve a natural look, as natural beauty does not have a match. To help you avoid looking unnatural, we have put together some of the most common beauty mistakes you should try to avoid, so pay attention to details and you’ll look perfect.

White neck One of the most common beauty mistakes women make when applying foundation is to apply it only on their face. However, unless you’re wearing a turtleneck, your neck will show off colored differently and the white neck is not sexy. Apply foundation on your cleavage also, to ensure you buff it on well.

Wrong foundation color Choosing the wrong foundation is yet another common beauty mistake which should be avoided, as foundation is supposed to blend beautifully with your skin. Best is to purchase a lighter foundation for winter, and a darker one for the summer. When transitioning to a new season, blend them to create the shade that matches your current skin tone. When purchasing foundation, test the color along your jawline or forehead and make sure the foundation is not visible after blending it onto the skin. The role of foundation is to even out skin, not cover it up as a mask. If your foundation is highly visible on your skin, it’s not the right shade or texture for your skin type.

Fragrance layering Everyone loves to smell good, but too much fragrance or mixing different scents can lead to a disastrous, pungent scent that can be quite annoying for the people surrounding you. One mistake women usually make is applying more than one fragrance at a time. Stick to one fragrance at a time, as most fragrances don’t create a fortunate mix when combined with other scents. If you wish your fragrance to last longer, use the additional products from the same range such as the shower gel and body lotion.

Not taking eye shape into accountMakeup defines, enhances and attracts towards the facial features of your choice. The myriad of eye makeup styles and techniques of application allow women to accentuate the exact details their eye shape requires, as there are several eye shapes which require different makeup tricks to bring out that divine look everyone loves. Learn how to apply eye makeup for your eye shape, and you’ll definitely look amazing regardless of the occasion.

Not exfoliating the skin Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and traces of makeup that might make your skin look dull and lifeless. Exfoliate your skin once a week and nourish it using a moisturizer to enhance skin cell regeneration and soft, smooth skin.

Beauy Mistakes to Avoid

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