Who can resist the hottest makeup trends of the season? You’re literally invited by pro beauticians to join the fashion pack and experiment with an unlimited color palette and makeup styles. From bold and beautiful to classy and more delicate looks, you’re encouraged to try them all.

The only condition to nail down these trends with success is to take a closer glimpse at the following beauty expert tips for an amazing look. These solutions can help you in creating the impression of a flawless complexion and radiating glimpse. Check out the style-saving ideas of pro make up artists on how to improve your new season look.

Primer Tip

Charlotte Day is one of the most visionary beauticians from the industry. This time she teaches us how to secure the long-lasting hold of our makeup. The use of a makeup primer is one of the must haves if you’re preparing for a special event. This revolutionary cosmetic formula can bring out the best of any eye shadow or lipstick. In order to create a natural-looking effect all you have to do is mix your primer with your fave moisturizer or foundation. This way you’ll be able to apply it without any difficulties. Then proceed to the next level of using eye shadows or any other beauty products.

Coral Makeup

Charlotte Day is fond of playing with the hottest color trends. In her opinion, coral is the best double-duty hue to work with this season.

You can use a creamy blush for lipstick and even for tinting your lids. Your makeup will radiate a breezy allure and flirty sex-appeal. Highlight your best assets with a similar all skin tone flattering color.

Black Eyeliner Tip

One of the most influential trend of the moment is using black eyeliner to cover the lids and create an eye-popping beauty effect.

In order to rock the look like a real beauty bunny it is important to follow the trick offered by Fred Letailleur, the face designer of Giorgio Armani.

He claims that it is enough to draw a narrow line from the inner corner to the outer sections of the eye. Then look up and down to see the mark this line left on your lids. This is actually the perfect frame that shows you where to fill in the lids using the perfect eyeliner.

Mascara Tip

MAC senior artist, Pablo Rodriguez, reveals the hottest mascara tip of the season. As there are hardly any limitations when it comes to color trends, it is highly recommended to swap the classy and statement black shade for brown. Brown mascara can create a more natural-looking effect. Use it if you’re glam-shy and wish to adopt a more luminous and classy look.

Application Tip

Hollywood celebs keep Tasha Reiko Brown on speed dial when it comes to special events. The pro makeup artist offers us a simple, still extremely useful makeup application trick. She claims that our ring finger can serve as the best beauty tool to apply any cosmetic formulas. This particular finger ‘applies the least amount of pressure’, therefore it can be used as an applicator to create versatile beauty looks. Moreover, the heat that comes from our body can contribute to the blending of various products into our complexion. Use it with confidence, however it is also essential to wash your hands before starting your fabulous makeover session.

Beauty Experts Makeup Tips

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