When it comes to upgrading your style, it is a must to consider the newest beauty trends. These professional makeup tips and tricks will help you emphasize your best assets. Improve your makeup application skills with a few of the top beautician secrets.

Let yourself be inspired by celebrity makeup or runway chic looks that reflect the hottest inventions in this industry. The beauty expert makeup tricks to try below will show you how to complete your makeup kit with the too-cool-to-miss formulas that popped up on the market. Moreover, you’ll also learn how to play with shades and textures for a va-va-voom effect.

Lengthen Your Eyebrows

Lauren Hutton teaches us how to define our brows with ease. Those who struggle with short or super-narrow eyebrows will have the chance to opt for a multitude of products to create the perfect frame for their face. However, it seems that Lauren is a fan of filling in the sparse spots of the eyebrows with eyeshadow. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone and brows and use a fine brush applicator to secure the even application of the shadow.

Nose Shrinking Makeup Tip

Many people would like to shrink their nose without having to deal with surgery. You can reduce the prominence of this feature with the help of a few beauty secrets. The first would be to use a concealer or foundation with 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone.

The presence of a darker hue will leave some space for the lighter areas of the face. Apply the masking formula on the sides of your nose. Then you can apply a lighter powder or foundation shade right on the bridge of your nose to highlight the narrow sections.

Eyeshadow Trick

Using the appropriate makeup tools is the key to a flawless look. This eyeshadow trick offered by Julie Harris will definitely guarantee the success of your makeover.

In order to apply the eyeshadow uniformly and with care, all you have to do is swap the Q-tip style an super-tiny applicator with a larger and fluffier brush. Beauty experts use this solution to create a soft and feminine effect as well as to secure the best conditions for the proper blending of the different shades.

Define Cheeks

Laura Geller, as one of the most skilled makeup artists, offers us a trick on how to define our cheeks with success. She highly recommends the application of the most flattering blush with the help of an angled brush. Precision is essential when building up a scene-stealing look. Finally, use a bigger brush to top the blush with a thin layer of bronzer. This trick will help you create a natural-looking impression.

Lip Makeup

Sonia Kashuk is the makeup artist who reveals her lip makeup secrets for all beauty bunnies. The beauty expert uses lip balm to prep the canvas for a textbook style makeup design. As soon as the lips absorbed the gentle formula, Sonia grabs a lip brush to create kissable lips. This makeup tool will guarantee the uniform application of the shade, therefore it is highly recommended to have it at hand before finishing up your beauty look with the perfect pouch. A lip brush can also help you tint the corners and create the effect of perfect and sensual lips.

Beauty Experts Makeup Tips

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